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Help- need quick advice about sterilising

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raininginbaltimore Mon 01-Oct-12 18:25:42

I am in a mother and baby unit, they provide cold water (milton) sterilisers. I have MAM self sterilise bottles (in the microwave). I'm not allowed to use microwave to sterilise. But if I use cold water, will it mean I can't go back to steam/microwave?

A friend mentioned that she thought you couldn't go back to steam after using Milton as it causes gas/chemicals or something. This might be bollocks. Does anyone know?

I can always buy some cheap bottles for while I am here. Just need to know. Ta.

whatinthewhatnow Mon 01-Oct-12 18:30:15

I've never heard that before. I think it's bollocks. I remember you from a thread when you were pregnant. hope you're getting on ok xxx

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