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Sleeping through and milk supply

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Mrscog Mon 01-Oct-12 14:50:27

DS is nearly 7mo and for the past 3 weeks has been sleeping through (yey) 7 - 7. For the first week I was waking up completley engorged but as the weeks go on this is getting less - this morning for instance I was very full but it wasn't painful engorgement.

DS currently has both sides on waking (so a huge feed, I know from experience that if I expressed while this engorged I'd probably get at least 250ml) and then I'm still BF in the day (he has solids but no other milk other than BM). Following on from his morning feed, he probably has 4-5 other feeds in the day.

My questions are is this enough? And will dropping the night time feeds mean that he still can get enough in the day? It took a lot of effort to establish BF and I really want to feed him until I got back to work when he's 12 months, and in an ideal world, i'd like to keep a first thing in the morning feed going for longer. Does this sound feasible? I think I'm probably worrying over nothing, but I could just do with some reassurance.

Thanks smile

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 02-Oct-12 19:44:01

Can understand your concern if he feeding was difficult to establish but (and I'm not trained so you might want to run this past a BFC) I think that at 7 months your supply should be established enough to cope with him sleeping through.

If you are worried about him not getting enough in the day, the current advice is to offer a bf about an hour before you offer solids until they are one. This is to make sure they fill up as much as possible on the bm.

Like I say though, you can always run it past a BFC on one of the Bfing Lines if you are at all concerned smile.

getagoldtoof Tue 02-Oct-12 20:16:14

I am no expert - but the only thing I've really learnt since having a baby is that he will tell me what he wants. It's as simple, and as complicated as that really. Also, just because he is sleeping through recently, he may not always - some do go through sleep regressions etc. My school of thought is, if it's not causing you any problems, and him neither, go with the flow. Hope that wasn't a useless jumble!

Mrscog Tue 02-Oct-12 20:40:19

Thanks, I go to a bfding group so I'll run it past the advisor there, but I think you're both right about going with his flow. He does also still have a few 'he's crying and I don't know why, oh well I'll just offer boob for 5 mins' feeds a day. I suppose that if he did suddenly need more then the supply would come back, and it is nice to wake up in the mornings just full and not drenched and feeling as though I'm severely bruised!

Copps Thu 04-Oct-12 15:35:56

i really wouldnt worry, especially as you are getting a good night's sleep! my 5 mnth old son started sleeping through at about 3 months (lucky me!) and my breasts quickly got used to the change. he also has a huge morning feed and then his feeds are 5ish mins every 2ish hours! he is putting on weight like a trooper so not worried! babies are really good at knowing what they need smile

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