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How long between feeds for FF 7 week old

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batteryhen Mon 01-Oct-12 02:09:57

Any advice greatfully received smile

DS is now 7 weeks old. Really from birth he has gone 3 hours between feeds, and still does. He is like an alarm clock....3 hours and he wants a bottle. My HV said he should be doing longer by now especially at night.

Sometimes he wakes, has an oz, goes back to sleep for an hour, then wakes wanting another oz, etc. It's really hard to try and keep him awake to take more.

My dp is away during the week so I am pretty tired, especially when he 'snacks' all the time.

My question is : any advice on getting him to take a full feed, and therefore going longer between feeds? Also my HV said to put him up a teat size but the next one up is 3 months + so I worry it will be too fast.

He is on SMA gold, and size 2 Avent teats

TIA xxx

LST Mon 01-Oct-12 04:39:52

It's was every 2 hours in the day with DS. But he was sleeping 10 until 8 by 7 weeks.

batteryhen Mon 01-Oct-12 04:48:41

Did that just happen or did you change something? Tonight he has had full bottles, one at 10pm and then one at 1 and 4.

LST Mon 01-Oct-12 07:20:37

No it just happened. My friends dd started sleeping through at about 12 weeks. She was every 3 hours in the day. All babies are different.

LST Mon 01-Oct-12 07:21:27

Another of my friends DS only took about 2oz every 1-2 hrs until he was almost 10 weeks old!

brettgirl2 Tue 02-Oct-12 20:13:32

If he's only taking an oz then he's waking but he isn't hungry? Have you tried just soothing him back to sleep/ giving him a dummy instead. The only way to get him to take more is to feed him when he's hungry.

thehumanegg Wed 03-Oct-12 09:29:57

My DC is on the same schedule as yours with the occasional snacking issue and is nearly 10 weeks. It's frustrating isn't it. I've assumed this is a normal though not ideal feeding pattern though of course it would be great if they all started going for longer at this age without exception.... I put her on the 3+ month med flow teats (size 2 tommy tippee) a few weeks ago with no probs. It's helped her finish a bottle rather than fall asleep half way through. She's still taking the same amount at a feed she was 4 weeks ago (actually less as she was throwing up loads with reflux before going on infant gaviscon), I'm assuming till she ups her feed amount she won't start having fewer feeds. Good luck!

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