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6m old feeding all night

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Spaghettivongole Sun 30-Sep-12 08:37:54

I am beginning to crack. My 6m old DS has never slept for more than a 3hr stretch. He feeds on demand (BF) roughly every 3 hrs basically all round the clock, in fact at night it's even more frequent. I've just gone with the flow up till now and cosleep when the nights are really bad, hoping it will change over time. But it hasn't and I've no idea what to do!

I've posted this in Breast Feeding rather than Sleep as the problem is that he does seem to be taking proper feeds rather than just comfort sucking in the night. So I'm reluctant to try to cut them out... but i need to sleep! Sometimes he'll resettle with just his dummy but more often than not wants milk. I've tried increasing the frequency of his feeds during the day but he's not interested!

Any ideas? Or at least anyone who has been through/is going through similar??

justabigdisco Sun 30-Sep-12 09:33:11

Lots of people won't agree with me, but we did controlled crying at 7m for this exact reason. I was going back to work and couldn't carry on being a zombie.
You need to be prepared but for us it worked like magic. 2 bad nights, 1 waking on night 3 then she slept through. I carried on with dream feed for a few weeks before stopping that too. No problems with that.
Oh, and she doesn't appear to be psychologically damaged wink
We thought about using the 'softer' methods but to be honest they wouldn't have worked for us. Going in and shush/patting would make her worse, and the method is a lot more drawn out.

Spaghettivongole Sun 30-Sep-12 09:48:38

Disco, we did CC with his older sister so I have no qualms about it! I think my concern with DS is that he seems hungry when he wakes. He actually settles pretty well by himself - after a feed he'll often go down awake with no problems.

justabigdisco Sun 30-Sep-12 10:25:26

To be honest we were just the same. I was scared to do it as I thought she must be hungry - she seemed to have a proper feed every 2-3 hours at night. That's why I kept up with the dream feed for a bit.
BUT - it seems she can't have been that hungry as she had no trouble stopping. I started weaning at 6m and did wait a while until I felt she was having a decent quantity of solids.

justabigdisco Sun 30-Sep-12 10:28:04

Meant to add, she also went back down no probs after a feed. Looking back, it was just a bad habit that we had got into. When she was 3m she started sleeping 12-5ish so I thought we were on to a winner. But then she had a cold, then 4m sleep regression hit, and before we knew it the bad habits had formed. She had just learned to associate night waking with feeling hungry and getting milk.
All we had to do was break that association and she can't have been that hungry if it was sorted in 3 nights!

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