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Ecgwynn Sat 29-Sep-12 09:51:47

I thought I would just post to reach out to those who are having trouble with BF. I found it very painful for the first 12 weeks and DS wasn't gaining weight so I had to top him up with formula, which he never gave up.
HOWEVER, yesterday he was 5 months old and I'm still BF, alongside the formula. Today I'm going to start introducing a whole bottle in the middle of the day, so this is the start of the end of BF.
I didn't ever expect to be able to keep him on the boob for so long, I considered giving up so many times. So if anyone has problems, keep going, it can be done!

Having said all this, I can't wait to stop!

SarryB Sat 29-Sep-12 12:21:20

Well done you!

I considered giving up so many times too (and did at one point for 5 days!), but here we are at 5 months old, still plugging away. LO also gets 1 bottle of formula a day, just because I don't actually want to EBF.

It's a good feeling isn't it? And it makes me think that any time in the future when I think I can't do something, I know I can give it a bloody good go!

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