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Making up bottles 4oz or 120ml??

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Boggler Fri 28-Sep-12 10:14:36

I'm confused - my dd is now formula fed (long story so no flaming please) on dr's orders and I'm making up 4oz of water plus powder. However on the box it says mix 4oz or 120ml with 4 scoops of powder - fine except that 120ml is quite a bit more than 4oz, so if I make up 4z of water it will be quite a bit stronger than 120ml! I thought it was vital to make feeds exactly as per instructions but this is contradictory to me. What does everyone else do?

EMS23 Fri 28-Sep-12 10:22:16

Choose a measurement and stick to it. I chose ounces as its easy to remember one scoop = one ounce... Good for middle of the night sleepy confusion!

As long as you pour water in first up to 4oz line, then add powder, it will be right. Ie. don't put powder in first and then water.

Ps. Why would you be flamed? I've always found this forum supportive of formula feeding questions.

tiktok Fri 28-Sep-12 10:29:43

It's a good question, Boggler - you could call the manufacturer's helpline (no. on the side of the pack).

I have googled and there seems to be a difference between US and UK fluid ounces. 120 mls = 4.06 US fluid oz (which is tiny) but = 4.22 UK fluid oz (not so tiny). You might want to check my figures smile

(why did you think you would be flamed....people are not usually flamed in this folder for ff, and if you say they might be, it could put people off actually posting a query!)

LadyStoneheart Fri 28-Sep-12 10:32:12

There's 30ml to a fluid ounce, therefore 120ml = 4oz. No problem there.

Although I have noticed that some bottle measurements seem to be a little off (I'm a children's nurse and sometime when having to give precise amounts to poorly babies I have noticed the measures on the bottles provided by parents don't quite agree with my syringe or hospital bottles, but it's not a large amount).

IamtheZombie Fri 28-Sep-12 10:34:16

One fluid ounce = 28.4 ml. So, 4 fluid ounces = 113.6 ml. So, 120 ml really isn't much more.

Boggler Fri 28-Sep-12 14:53:22

Thanks for replies, I know there's very little difference but as there is a difference between 4oz and 120ml I just wondered which measurement I should use. I realise that perhaps I'm being a bit too exact but that's me.

Oh and I put the bit about not flaming me for not bf because I've seen on some other posts that a question related to ff can quickly turn into a rant at the op for not bf. As it is I feel bad enough about not ebf but my dd has not been gaining weight and therefore I've been advised to combine bf and ff to ensure that she's getting enough. This seems to be working and I'm happy that's she's now starting to thrive.

tiktok Fri 28-Sep-12 16:30:49

Glad your dd is thriving, Boggler.

I have never (after years on mumsnet) ever seen "a thread related to ff quickly turn into a rant at the OP for not bf" - I have seen the very, very occasional stupid and unkind post, but better people come on super-quick and sort everything out smile Most threads like yours are incident-free, calm and helpful.

I'm saying this, because a lot of people read threads wondering about posting a question and it would be a shame if someone feeling upset and fragile did not dare to do it, in case they provoked a rant...sad

Boggler Fri 28-Sep-12 16:50:51

I emailed aptamil just to see if they had a recommendation as to which measurement to use and they say that you can happily use either. It seems I have been worrying over the getting the perfect composition for nothing confused . A very nice lady actually rang me to tell me this which was unexpectedly nice. smile

EMS23 Fri 28-Sep-12 19:04:37

I understand why you're worrying, it's normal and even more scary when you've had feeding/ weight gain problems etc..

My DD1 was low birth weight, we couldn't establish bf'ing and would only take an ounce per feed for the first 10 weeks. I remember being very focused on the formula measurements and particularly if the layer of bubbles in the bottle counted to the overall measurement when recording what she'd had.
It's a scary time so not surprising we need to control the aspects of it that we can, when it feels like so much else is beyond our control.

And I agree wholeheartedly with Tiktok, please don't feel afraid to post if you have a query. There are lots of women here, who for one reason or another haven't breastfed and I know how difficult it can be to get info on making up formula feeds etc..

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