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Baby not happy latching on

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MediumOrchid Thu 27-Sep-12 15:50:39

Can someone help us - dd is 10 days old. She has gained 8oz so feeding is obviously going well, when she is latched on she feeds really well, and sometimes she latches on fine, but at other times, like when she's cluster feeding, she gets really upset, crying, pushing the breast away with her hands, but still opening her mouth wide. Sometimes she gets so upset she just won't feed, even if I can get the nipple in her mouth. Then i don't know if she's screaming because she's hungry or if there's another problem.

Any advice would be great. It feels like she doesnt like my milk!

cleanandclothed Thu 27-Sep-12 15:57:49

Don't worry she is still learning! All sounds usual. Is she perhaps getting too hungry before she feeds? Are you burping her? Is she tired? Have you tried white noise to calm her down while feeding? It takes time to establish feeding patterns and it is so difficult to know what they want, but sounds like you are doing really well.

RedKites Thu 27-Sep-12 16:36:08

Congratulations on your DD! She clearly likes you milk to have put on 8oz already smile

cleanandclothed gives some suggestions. You could also try, if DH/DP/someone else is about, giving them DD briefly, to see if she calms down better for them, and then try feeding her again? Also, how often are you changing sides? If she comes off, and you put her back on the same side again at first, you could perhaps experiment with putting her on the other side sooner?

sanam2010 Thu 27-Sep-12 17:28:57

Have you considered oversupply or overactive letdown reflex? Could explain this sort of behaviour. But there are many possible reasons, in my case DD did exactly the same the first weeks due to oveeactive letdown and "reverse pressure softening" helped a lot, kellymom has very good info on this.

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