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Dropping feeds - ginormous boobs!

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blushingmare Thu 27-Sep-12 04:08:16

My 15 week dd just slept from 7:30 til 3:30 shock grin!!! But man, didn't my boobs know about it! This is probably just a one off and we'll be back to two hourly feeds tomorrow night, but for future reference, what are you supposed to do about your boobs when they start dropping feeds? Do you express or leave them?

belindarose Thu 27-Sep-12 04:25:39

Boobs just get used to it. You could express a little if really uncomfortable. Mine just leak so it's not a problem! Hope you enjoyed your nice chunk of sleep. We've had a few like that (not tonight though!) with 12 week old DS.

blushingmare Thu 27-Sep-12 13:35:57

Thanks that's good to know although probably won't get a night like that for another 6 months

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