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A bit like a zombie

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Tooodlepip Wed 26-Sep-12 22:13:03


Hope everyone is ok??

Ok I am actually turning into a zombie, last night I was only going into my bed at 3 am, then feeding every 2 hours after that, sorry I should update, baby boy is now 2 weeks old, and I am breast feeding. I was actually saying to my husband I might just go and buy some bottles and milk, but of course I couldn't actually bring myself to do that, he is so content with his mums milk smile. Please tell me, I am normal for feeling like this, or at least it will get easier, its still sore when feeding not the same kind of soreness as before, more as he begins to suck and draw my nipple into his mouth.

Is this my new life, on the sofa feeding?? maybe acceptance is the best way forward?? How does he manage to sleep all day, waking for milk and nappy change only smile

why is it that I am assuming a bottle would be easier?

I wanted to ask about expressing into a bottle, I have never done this before, as I couldn't see the point on my first one, I don't remember him being as hungry as this little one, but does it really work? would it affect my supply or make him confused and how do I do it, do I just pump out say everything in my left breast and give him that at the next feed seems like a bit of a faff to me?? any advice, maybe wait until he is older? confused

My husband leaves in 2 weeks to work abroad and then I'm on my own with my 3 boys, so the fact that I'm not springing into normality is worrying me sad

any advice would be a godsend

aimingtobeaperfectionist Wed 26-Sep-12 22:27:30

We're at nearly 18weeks exclusively breastfeeding and don't panic!!! It will get easier. I found the first two weeks the worst- so you're nearly there!! Now we both get on well (mostly) with it. The first 2 weeks you're both learning and I had so many 'i can't do this anymore' moments but if you can get through the nights, it seems easier in the day. Its totally normal to feed that often, just go with what baby wants. It'll space itself out slowly and you'll start to feel less like a milk machine. I started expressing about 3/4 weeks but only to introduce baby to bottle. She will now eat from boob or bottle quite happily but it's a freaking nightmare if I'm totally honest. If you know you will have to leave baby at any point and want to carry on bf you will have to do it but it just means faffing. Spend the morning feeding and expressing (yes with baby on one and bottle on other) then I found it increased my supply so I've got a freezer full of milk. It is handy sometimes though. Well done and congrats on baby grin

blushingmare Thu 27-Sep-12 04:19:23

It will get easier, but goodness those first few weeks are exhausting - yes a zombie pretty much sums it up! Would you consider cosleeping at night? I was very resistant to this, but my dd is terrible at settling back down after a feed and I have caved at 15 weeks and bring her into bed with me at around 2am. We both get so much more sleep as I just then do the rest of her night feeds whilst half asleep lying down. I was thinking the other day that it would have been so much less exhausting coping with the newborn days if I'd done this from the start. In fact, my SIL is doing exactly that with her newborn and is getting loads of sleep and has so much energy compared to what I was like envyenvy

I know cosleeping's not for everyone - I certainly didn't think it would be for me. But with two other little boys to look after, you need to find ways to conserve your energy!

Davinaaddict Thu 27-Sep-12 04:56:01

Completely normal at 2 weeks smile We're at 6 months now and DD is completely different to how DS was. She fed every 2 hours, day and night until she was 4.5 months. It was thoroughly exhausting. BUT, despite the every 2 hours, she got very quick so a feed would only take about 10 minutes. I agree about co-sleeping, especially in the early days. It got us through the hardest period, and she's now in her own bed in her own room, so it doesn't have to be forever. And wrt bottles, I sometimes thought the same as you, but having expressed for a few bottles, it is more of a hassle. You need to be more organised, warm up the bottle etc - not fun when the babies screaming for a feed! Especially in the middle of the night. I'm not knocking ff btw, just saying its not for lazy me. It's so much easier to wake up and stick a boob in babies mouth grin Try to get as much rest as you can, even if it's just having a lie down. And remember the good old mantra - this will pass! smile

Tooodlepip Thu 27-Sep-12 05:36:42

I would love to co sleep I just can't cuz I'm big chested and have to hold my boob while feeding so co sleeping would be awkward envy when he is bigger and dh goes ill try though smile

Have fed every hour tonight each feed takes near an hour cuz of wind sad

Thanks everyone smile will keep going

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