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Comfort feeding at 14 months

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charlottery Wed 26-Sep-12 15:10:23

I'm not sure if this is the right board to post this, but I'd really appreciate some advice
dd2 is 14 months, I feed her in the morning and before bed on the 3 days I work, and on demand during the day when I'm at home with her. For the last month or so she has started to demand a lot. She's quite clingy, likes me to be down on the floor with her or carrying her, and if she gets upset she snuggles in for a feed. She's starting to get jealous if dd1 (4) wants a cuddle, even if I'm cuddling them at the same time (to the point where she pulls dd1s hair, although stops with a sharp no) and will nuzzle in to try and feed then.
I really enjoy feeding, and don't want to stop. If she was my only one I'd be happy to go with it, but my big girl needs me too. Also, I'm worried if it becomes too much of a habit, her Dad and my wonderful childminder will struggle to settle her.
She's never really been too keen on taking a bottle, but drinks water and cows milk from a cup when I'm not there.
I don't know whether I should try and stop any comfort feeding and just feed morning and night whether I am home or not, or just go with the flow and hope she'll grow out of it.

MigGril Wed 26-Sep-12 16:50:15

chances are it's just a phase, she's using feeding as a reassurances a way to connect with you when you are there. Generally the more you embrace it the fast it'll pass. Trying to restrict her suddly may make her more clingy.

If you want to reduce feeding then doing it gradually, offering loss of cuddles would be the best way to go. often mums find the don't offer don't refuse route to weaning works well and is very dental approach. This is a weaning technic though and if your happy to just carry on then just keep feeding.

midori1999 Wed 26-Sep-12 17:53:01

I wonder if it's an age thing as my DD is 15 months and I have noticed in the last few weeks she has got more clingy and if we are at home it feels like she wants to breastfeed constantly almost at times, whereas if we are out she mostly gets distracted and won't ask, although sometimes she will.

We are also cosleeping as although she had slept through the night from around 9/10 months, she started waking a few weeks ago when my Mum stayed so I was sharing a room with DD and once she wakes, having been in her cot, she doesn't seem to want to go back down without me, even if I feed her back to sleep and wait until she's in deep sleep (or what I think is!) before putting her back down.

So, not much help I'm afraid, but like everything else, I assume it will pass. smile

DW123 Wed 26-Sep-12 23:06:55

Hi - DT2 is like this (17 months). I assumed it was a phase but after some very long night time comfort nursing sessions during the last couple of weeks I have started cuddling rather than nursing as I was starting to hate bfing and sleep became a big problem. He isn't happy with this but I need all of us to sleep better... Until now however, I just nursed and gave as much attention as I could - balanced against DT1 needs.

I would say go with it but be aware of your need for time/space and needs of other children and if its a very long phase maybe try some other gentle approaches/distraction techniques?

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