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Baby bit me-bleeding nipple! What to do?!

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mamaonion Tue 25-Sep-12 16:03:19

My 9 mo is collecting a good set of gnashers and tends to bite when he's sleepy or teething. I think he nipped me yesterday (last I remember) but during a feed just now i noticed blood on his face. Panicked that he had cut his mouth and then realised it's me!!! It's on the tip of the nipple and opens up and starts bleeding if any pressure on it. It's different to bleeding cracked nipples- more blood eeeew! Doesn't really hurt though maybe he cut it yesterday and I didn't notice, but feeding opened it up more.

Should I keep feeding from that side? Will it heal easily do you think? Any tips on healing? (lansinno?) This biting is getting really annoying but want to carry on to at least 12 months if I can as he has an allergy to cows milk. His teeth feel quite noticeable during some feeds too. Any tips?

aokay Tue 25-Sep-12 18:54:01

I screamed when son sank fangs into my breast - scared him (and me) so much he stopped biting...fed all mine post first few teeth and all bit me once or twice but that was it - you have to say ouch or whatever (try not to yell .**t if you can!) - take them off the nipple as well - (which will get their attention!) - goodluck - if it hurts too much to feed on bitten side then express for a couple of feeds.

mamaonion Tue 25-Sep-12 19:10:05

Thanks aokay, I did scream out especially at first as it was more of a shock but seems not to have gotten the message. Maybe I need to take him off a bit longer. He just keeps doing it especially when he's sleepy or the milk is running out. I'm scared to feed on that side at thought of all that blood! Oh well I'll give it a go I guess and hopefully it wont bleed again too much.

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