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Difficulty latching on

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applecrumple Tue 25-Sep-12 15:19:00

My DD is now 2 weeks old - she was a prem baby & spent the first 9 days of her life in IC where she was fed my EBM through a feeding tube & then I was able to move into the IC for the 3 days before she came home to fully establish breast feeding. Over the last few days I appear to have developed an issue with my left nipple - its much smaller & flatter than the right & DD has real difficulties latching on & staying on. I've tried breast shields, but the tend to make her only latch onto the very tip of my nipple & makes it v sore. BF on my left side is just becoming a bit of a nightmare - especially at night when we're both tired. I can't go to any BF support groups yet as she's still v small & susceptible to infections so want to wait a while. My midwife & health visitor are aware of the situation & have told me to keep drying my nipple to allow her to get a grip, but it's still frustratingly slow. Any tips from anyone who's experienced this?

Craftyone Tue 25-Sep-12 15:39:30

Hi, Search on the net for breast feeding support in your area. Many areas have women who will come to your home and help. They can give you ideas for different positions to latch on when it is difficult.

YorkshireRose12 Tue 25-Sep-12 15:50:33

Hi apple, congrats on your DD, sounds like you're both doing well after a pretty difficult start so well done. I have a similar problem to you in that my left nipple is much less prominent than the right. I have just started using the Lansinoh Latch Assist. It's like a little rubber plunger that suctions the nipple out that you use immediately before feeding. Seems to be making it easier for DS and more comfortable for me. You can buy it in Boots. Alternatively if you have a breast pump you could try using this just before feeding to see if it has the same effect of gently drawing the nipple out.

Also second Crafty's advice - the more support and advice you can get from trained BFing advisors the better. Could well save you a lot of discomfort in the long run!

MigGril Tue 25-Sep-12 17:04:03

You could ring one of the support phone lines and get direct help that way. They can do a lot over the phone and if there is someone in your areas they may be able to come out.

Right now I would recommend trying biological nurturing. Google it and you should get some good you tube videos showing what to do. This is a very good position for young babies and helps them get more breast in there mouth.

Trickle Tue 25-Sep-12 17:29:56

I have some national helpline numbers, I've got a three week old and we had three people out last week to help, breastfeeding peer support work, a doula and a la leche league leader, so you can get people to come to you (sooo helpful) Do you have and lahinosah cream, can get in on prescrption and it saved my nipples in the last fortnight. We still arn't always getting it right, but now more often than not, the ammount of difference both the help and a whole week have made has been amazing. I know it's a different situation for you but congratulations on getting this far, its not easy when everything is straight forward.

There is

NCT - 0300 330 0771
Association of Breastfeeding Mothers - 08444 122 949 (24 hrs)
La Leche League - 08451 202 918 (24 hr)
Breast Feeding Network - 03001 000 210
National Breastfeeding Helpline - 03100 000 212 (9:30am - 9:30pm)

Good Luck

applecrumple Wed 26-Sep-12 19:03:14

Thanks ladies for all your support - ill give those numbers a ring trickle x

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