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biting / supply question

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Rollersara Mon 24-Sep-12 22:11:11

DD is 7 months old and breastfed at night and a couple of times during the day. She also has a bottle of formula at night. Recently she has got teeth and has bitten, hard enough to bleed. Today she has bitten both nipples so hard they are torn. She seems to only bite during the day, when she's wide awake and not that hungry. The thing is, I just can't face feeding her tonight, it will be too painful. So, if she has bottles overnight (which is when she gets most of her milk), if I don't breastfeed her for 24 hours will this cause supply problems?

I really want to carry on BFing, but I'm beginning to dread every feed. I have nipple shields that I haven't used yet, because I don't want to encourage her to chew, and right now any feeding will hurt sad

ZuleikaD Tue 25-Sep-12 08:06:59

What do you do when she bites? I found the best thing with DD was to push her nose right onto my breast so she had to open her mouth to breathe. You also have to not react, however much it hurts. If they get a yell out of you then they'll keep doing it just for fun.

You'll need to express, both to keep your supply up and to keep yourself comfortable.

Rollersara Tue 25-Sep-12 18:28:14

Thanks ZuleikaD. I have been ending the feed when she bites, which doesn't work as she only seems to bite when she's finished feeding (though so far I can't predict when that will be). I did try pushing her to me when she bites too - she does let go but it doesn't stop her doing it the next time sad

mamaonion Tue 25-Sep-12 19:19:16

Hi OP I just posted about biting too- my left nipple is bleeding a lot! Although my baby seems to do it when he's sleepy or his teeth are bothering him or sometimes when he's not getting the milk flow as quick as he likes- which sounds like your problem. Can you anticipate when he's slowed down feeding and end feed before he sinks his teeth in? I've managed to do this a few times.

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