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Hot boobs, one a bit achey... Blocked duct? Mastitis? Nothing?

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hamncheese Mon 24-Sep-12 20:13:02

Ebf 8 week old DS. All going fine. Started expressing a week ago to store some for occasional time away. Since yesterday both boobs have felt hot, not all the time but several occasions. One of them feels a bit achey in one place, not sore though, just a dull ache, mostly when I move.

Worried about mastitis as cant imagine caring for DS when with a fever! Have no other symptoms so do you think it could be anything to worry about? Considered it could be as I have been using electric pump which is... Not sore when I do it... But using them a bit more IYSWIM ?


RightUpMyRue Mon 24-Sep-12 20:18:08

Any lumps, particularly where the sore bit is? Any red patches?

Try massaging the sore bit when DS feeds or you're pumping. The more feeds you can get in the better- first defense against a blocked duct is to flush the breast with lots of feeds.

Here's a very useful leaflet from The BfN on Mastitis

The first sign of fluey symptoms-chills, fever, aches etc get yourself to a doc and get some pills.

shattereddreams Mon 24-Sep-12 20:35:39

Have a bath, get some oil and flannels.
Put hot flannels (resoak frequently) over boobs and massage firmly using oil from outside to nipple over sore bit too.

Sounds like it could become mastitis.
The best tip is to feed baby with their chin as close to hotspot as poss, so lay over baby on bed for example. Gravity pulling boob down and also baby sucking against blocked duct. Or express like this, and during the feed/pumping massage across hotspot to nipple.

It creeps up on you, fever hits fast and aches are worst I ever had. But it passes quickly.
I had it twice with Dd and once with Ds.
Your GP should come out to you if it's out of hours, do not wait for appointment. You will need antibiotics as quickly as possible. If you have a sympathetic GP ask for a prescription now, JUST IN CASE!

hamncheese Tue 25-Sep-12 09:13:12

Thanks. Have woken up with a sore throat, feeling a bit crap so called the doctor for an emergency appointment which they have given for half 10... Hopefully it isn't but going to see if I can get antibiotics just in case like you said

shattereddreams Tue 25-Sep-12 20:35:30

Hope you're feeling better, look after yourself.

hamncheese Wed 26-Sep-12 08:25:38

Went and they thought it was just a blocked duct but gave me the prescription to have at hand incase it gets to be mastitis. Thanks all

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