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nursing strike at 12m

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nannyl Mon 24-Sep-12 14:13:06

How many people have had 12m old babies suddenly completely refuse breast milk (after always having happily had 3 / 4 feeds a day)
(ie getting HYSTERICAL, screaming for "Daddad", and not getting a mouth anywhere near a nipple...) who have then changed track and gone back to BFing normally again?

48 hours ago, all was normal, and its now 30 hours since she has had any BM (and that feed 30 hours ago, was a nice normal BF)

she is 53 weeks old

Goldmandra Mon 24-Sep-12 15:24:16

DD2 did it after I told her "No" and put her down for biting. She was about 15 months.

She refused to BF for three or four days and during that time a midwife friend told me that BFing was over and I should just accept it.

DD2 came back gradually, re-established the routine feeding and eventually gave up voluntarily around her third birthday.

There is still hope nannyl

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