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Aptamil anti reflux

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janmk Thu 02-Aug-12 21:11:09

Has anyone tried this yet ? If so is it any good ? How bad was your lo's reflux and what bottles / teats did you use ?

goGBTeacher Thu 02-Aug-12 21:15:32

Do you mean Aptimil Comfort?

If so, we used it with great success alongside Tomy Tippee Colic bottles.

janmk Thu 02-Aug-12 21:59:28

They have recently brought out an anti reflux milk avail only in boots I think ...,

olushka Fri 03-Aug-12 08:25:56

hi there,

We have tried Aptamil Anti Reflux first time yesterday which was successful, however this morning after our usual feed my little one literally had projectile vomit. I got scared for one minute. will give another go later today if it happens again will stop it! She was prescribed Gaviscon infant but it really makes her constipated. If you do start Anti Reflux Aptamil consider giving your baby water/prune juice diluted in water.

olushka Fri 03-Aug-12 08:26:44

We use Dr Brown bottles, teat number 3....

wishiwasonholiday Fri 03-Aug-12 08:28:36

Ds was on Sma staydown for reflux and that was great it as really thick though so I had to make the holes bigger in teats. Apt amok wasn't out then he got his on prescription but you can get it in boots.

juliehales Mon 06-Aug-12 10:51:19

My little girl is now 14 weeks and we have just found the aptamil anti reflux in boots. We have now been using it for 4 days and at last something has worked for her, she is not at all sick and no discomfort. We have been using Dr Browns bottles and teat no. 3. We have trialled out gaviscon (which was a struggle as i was breast feeding!), this did help the discomfort, ranitidine did not work, then we trialled the milk powder formulae "Enfamil AR" which had been recommended to me, but this did not stop the sickness and gave her constipation. So stopped after 3 days. I would recommend like others giving cool boiled water in between feeds.
So fingers crossed this continues to work for her and I hope it does for others!

Rachel1614 Wed 05-Sep-12 17:53:45

Hi ladies!
I am about to write an essay bbut bear with me.... smile...
I have been using aptamil anti reflux for 3 weeks and I swear by it, but I did have issues!
I started with aaptamil 1 but as soon as it hit my son's stomach it came straight back out. I moved on to aptamil comfort which worked for about 4 days then the same thing happened again. So I went onto aptamil anti reflux and I love it!
As I said I haave been using it for 3 weeks but when it came to day 12 of this milk my son was screaming and straing, he had very very hard poo almost like an adult poo, he was constipated but I gave him cooled boiled water with a little sugar and after 3 days his poop went back to the usual korma sauce kind of poo! When changing your milk it takes about 2 weeks for your baby to adapt to the change...hence the constipation. I swear by this milk you just have to bear with it and struggle through the constipation.

Don't add anything to the milk eg gaviscon as the milk is already mega thick, u don't need it. Also u will need fast floow teats, I use tommee tippee fast flow for 6 months+, my son is only 7 weeks but u need the bigger teats.

Also a little tip about making the feeds as u have to leave the milk for 7 minutes to thicken. I fill my steralised bottles with half the amount of water I need and store them in the fridge, I have a flask of hot water always made up so when he needs a fed I top up the cold with the hot making the water 'hand hot' which is what they say to do. (Just make sure you bottle feels warm). Add the powder and then preoccupy your baby, by changing his nappy, bouncing him on ur knee or letting him chew your finger.

I'm happy to answer any questions about this subject as I know how hard it is to find anything about this milk on the net!

(If ur LO has colic, add some colief to the bottle, it expensive but my gosh its worth it!!) Xx

Beare Sun 07-Oct-12 12:11:42

Hi, I've tried this with my 2 month old a few times. It seems really bubbley and gives her really awful wind. Is there a trick to giving it? I breast feed most of the time but hoped this would settle her at night. She isnt CMP intolerant. I'm using tommee tippee fast flow teat. Any advice?

elsakarina Tue 04-Dec-12 12:07:59

Hi! I'm new here and I'm looking for some help! (sorry this will be a loooong text)
My lo was diagnosed with reflux when he was 2w and I was breastfeeding exclusively. His GP put him on ranitidine but, as we didn't want him to live on meds we suspended it after 2 days. He was so much better by then since I stopped drinking jordans orange juice from concentrate; this was the suggestion I got from the midwife who was visiting us at the time and also form my breastfeeding supporter.
Anyway... everything was great until 3-4 w ago. He started complaining at my breast and the signs of discomfort were worse as the day progressed... he started crying when feeding him before bed and refusing the breast. I started to give him a couple oz of formula so he wouldn't go to bed with an empty stomach.
We do partial breastfeeding since he was 5 weeks since he was not gaining enough weight and he seem to be hungry all the time and didn't wanna nap! The way we do it is jus giving him 2 oz of formula in addition to breastmilk on each feed, that's why when he was prescribed gaviscol infant two weeks ago I had to use it dilluted in water at the end of the feeding (just as a breastfed baby). The gaviscol started to work maybe 4 days after we started but made him really constipated (adult like stools and little blood on them!!) so I went to the doctor again and she gave him ranitidine instead but it doesn't seem to be working this time, we are using it 3 days already and he's starting to look really uncomfortable while feeding again... I'm worry he'll have to go to sleep crying again because of this!!
So, I was wondering what would be best for him according to your experience... he'll be 16 weeks tomorrow and I don't know if it'd be better to start on aptamil anti-reflux (wouldn't it prolong his constipation? this problem is not solved yet!), aptamil confort (to reduce his constipation?), keep trying with the ranitidine and ask my gp for a higher dose (isn't it risky? the ranitidine's leaflet says it shouldn't be prescibed on children under 3 yo!), go back to gaviscon (and bear with the constipation and the teary eyes linked with it?), or wean him early (he doesn't sit yet... is it possible?). I'm trying to get an appointment with his gp but got one for the next week... the doctor who saw him the last time (as his GP was not available) recomended me to dillute his formula on a greater amount of water to help with the constipation but it doesn't seem to work either!
Please help me... I'm lost!!!

mummy2babyjack Tue 04-Dec-12 22:10:06

Hi. I've got to say Aptamil anti reflux is a god sent. I've been using it already for four days and the results are great, my baby boy stopped vomiting. It's amazing that his clothes stay dry and are not covered with vomit anymore. it used to be really upsetting for me to watch him struggle after every feed. I hope that is behind us for good.
The milk gets really thick and it doesn't smell great but my little one doesn't seem mind it. the only problem was that my baby started constipating on the third day. our gp advised to give boiled, cooled down water with added very little orange juice. first we tried squeezing a fresh orange and mixing it with water in a bottle. bad idea. although we filtered the juice as much as possible tiny bits kept getting stuck at the hole of the teat. so then we opted for an orange juice in a carton.
our baby seems to be more satisfied with his meals and he enjoys drinking orangy water too. oh and that means more wet nappies. Fingers crossed his reflux stays away,

vitola Fri 14-Jun-13 16:54:56

Our daughter is 5 months and we have been using Aptamil Anti Reflux for nearly 10 weeks now. It has definitely helped to solve the reflux /gas issues as much thicker milk than other aptamil milks. She's burping well now, often straight away after the feed and is much happier thanks God. However, because thick milk, we need to wait 7mn once milk is prepared...which causes frustration when she's hungry! Hence tips are great to shorten waiting time! One last thing the price,here in Ireland we get it for 19-20€! I know it's cheaper in UK. Let me know if you have find a chemist in Dublin where i can get it cheaper! Hopefully this has been helpful to someone.

vitola Fri 14-Jun-13 17:01:29

Regarding the teats, we are giving numb 2 Tommee Tippee even numb 1 sometimes when going for the slow drinking

stargirl1701 Fri 14-Jun-13 17:51:54

We tried SMA Staydown for Reflux with DD. It did help with the reflux but brought other problems. She became incredibly constipated. We switched back to normal Aptamil as the consultant paediatrician was concerned that prolonged constipation would distend her bowel.

HV & GP both very concerned that the reflux formula was made up contrary to NHS Guidelines. After reading about formula contamination, so were DH & I.

We got on better with different medication & standard formula as opposed to the reflux formula.

PK1975 Fri 14-Jun-13 19:46:48

Hi. My dd is 18 weeks and has reflux. We started using cow & gate reflux when we had to wait for a referral to the hospital as the gaviscon didn't work for us. I bf but topped her up with formula last thing at night. When I fed her she constantly threw up. The reflux milk made such a difference. She slept much more comfortably and so after the vomit caused more irritation I introduced more bottle feeds of the reflux milk. We now alternate feeds and it works well. She still throws up loads when I feed her (she loves to bf otherwise I would have given up) but she gets a break when she has her next feed and overall we have a very happy girl.

FrozenNorthPole Fri 14-Jun-13 23:51:51

stargirl - yes, I was a bit stunned to read that the instructions for making up a feed contravened the guidelines on safe formula feeding. I'm on the Aptamil email list for professionals and recently received a 'scientific bulletin' about the reflux formula, so I think I might have to get in touch with them to ask for their rationale ...

Gwenvamp Mon 01-Jul-13 23:34:16

Hi vitola, I've just started my little one on the anti reflux stuff today but i got it in boots for €14. Have you tried them?

neeta123 Mon 05-Aug-13 01:31:11

Hi, I know this convo is from a while ago, but I'm having the same issue with my LO. She's been on aptamil first since birth and now in the last few weeks (she's 21 weeks) she is constantly spitting up. I've changed the milk to the aptamil reflux but she's having a terrible time pooing. I was wondering how you got over this?

Many thanks

neeta123 Mon 05-Aug-13 12:08:50

Hi, I know this convo is from a while ago, but I'm having the same issue with my LO. She's been on aptamil first since birth and now in the last few weeks (she's 21 weeks) she is constantly spitting up. I've changed the milk to the aptamil reflux but she's having a terrible time pooing. I was wondering how you got over this?

Many thanks

Beebs77 Fri 16-Aug-13 10:51:56

Hi my daughter is 8 weeks old and changed her to this formula over a week ago, she is much better and only has minimal spit up compared to what she was like however her stools are very loose and not had constipation like most babies seem to have, has anyone else experienced this and is it normal?

Malmo Sun 26-Jan-14 21:53:59

Thank you mums, the comments on the thread are very helpful.
My LO has had reflux since birth and we just got on with it through breastfeeding hoping he'd grow out if it. However, it got worse when he went on to formula. The GP suggested hungry milk or gaviscon; we tried both and it seemed to make some difference, although not much. And he has had some constipation. I still have to hold him upright for ages! I am weaning him right now and hope that will improve things, but also plan to start Aptmamil reflux, which I only just discovered. I'll let you know how I get on, need to find some special teats first!

BrainLikeASeive Sun 26-Jan-14 22:01:39

After months of constant throwing up I quit b/f at 5 months.
Thin milk + reflux = a lot of sick.
I found that 4 scoops of regular formula....
3 scoops of anti reflux
in a bottle....
Fill to 4 fl-oz line with boiling water.
top up to 8 fl-oz line with cold from tap.
job done.
(Although for some unknown reason I buy cow & gate)

I know the box says to boil & cool then mix and wait but this method works a teat with minimal faff...
and you can do it in the middle of the night with a baby on one hip!

BrainLikeASeive Sun 26-Jan-14 22:05:31

P.s. I found that on just anti reflux... my girl got v constipated. And gaviscons just ridiculous for that...
so we opted for a mix of normal and anti reflux and it worked a treat without bunging her up

Anna110685 Wed 22-Oct-14 18:53:32

Hi! After following all the usefull advices on this page, I'd like to add my store hopefully it will help to all the mams.
My baby has suffered from very bad reflux since birth, we've changed many formulas : aptamil infant milk, SMA infant gold formula then he was diagnosed with reflux and we started SMA staydown formula wich one was pretty good but makes him a very bad rash, first on his face and then the rash spread and we've changed to Aptamil Anti-Reflux.
This formula suits him the best , but makes him constipated. So we add a Colief infant drops and this one reliefs his poop very well and helps him with colic pain.
Moreover, we bought "baby stomach ease organic tea" which really help him with tummy pain after food (only 2 ml with syringe calm his pain very fast).
Since Aptamil AR, he is more happy, crying less, the rash looks much better and we are very satisfied with the results of this combination of feeding.
I'm really recommend to try this combination and hopefully my review will helpsmile))smile

Anna110685 Wed 22-Oct-14 18:59:52

I forgot to mention a very important information regards the bottles. We switched the Tomme bottles to Munchkin Latch , those are a magical bottles that designed specially to reduce colic pain and wind. They are really good, remind a real nipple and the baby eats much better, less windy and very comfortable with the nipples.
I'm really reccomend.

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