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Breastfeeding in Mexico or the USA?

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midori1999 Wed 02-Jan-13 04:59:49


Well, I have to admit, I expected if anyone said anything it would be Americans, as I understand covers are frequently used there, but no one said anything at all, which was lovely.

The only looks/whispers I got were actually at the airport whilst waiting at the boarding gate from fellow Brits, presumably because (gasp!) they probably got a flash of nipple as DD (she is 18 months) was torn between wanting to nurse and wanting to look around... They had a baby too, but there were a few childish giggles. Still, I'm a big girl and I didn't mind. smile

mathanxiety Wed 02-Jan-13 03:51:41

Hope the Americans were nice to you too. I never had any problems breastfeeding in public in America, even toddlers (did extended bfing). People would leave you alone, give you a smile.

midori1999 Wed 02-Jan-13 03:45:57

I just wanted t update this thread to say we have just returned from Mexico and I openly breastfed there. Not a raised eyebrow in the resort, where the staff, male and female all chatted to me naturally when I was breastfeeding, or the local towns and I saw a number of Mexican women breastfeeding very openly in the hotel and around the local town, even at the checkout in the supermarket!

I have never had a problem in the UK, but I have yet to feed in public and have strangers chat to me as if I am not even breastfeeding. It was really lovely. smile

wellwisher Thu 19-Jul-12 10:00:55

I saw Mexican women breastfeeding as they walked down the street in one of the main tourist resorts <impressed> - bf in public doesn't seem to be a taboo there at all.

If American guests complain, sod 'em.

TortillaDeMaiz Thu 19-Jul-12 09:48:06

I've breastfed an 8 month old in several mexican coffee chains (Sanborns, VIPS and even Starbucks) without a problem. Most people I know in Mexico, breastfeed for as long as they stay at home (Maternity leave is only 45 days after birth) and some stay at home mums would continue until a year. I know as well a couple mums who have gone even longer.

Although breastfeeding in public is not that common, you might be fine if you cover up. For american guests, I would assumme the same reasoning applies.

PrettyPrinceofParties Thu 19-Jul-12 07:45:36

Don't know about the attitudes of either countries, but you could do what I do and pack a poncho. Nobody is any the wiser when I'm feeding my 14 month old.

midori1999 Wed 18-Jul-12 23:21:33

Has anyone any info on this or have they nursed a toddler whilst in Mexico or the USA? We are actually going to Mexico, but I wonder if any complaints may be from American guests?

I ask as I asked on another forum where it's descended into an 'extended' breastfeeding debate, although a couple of people have said they have breastfed and had no problems. From what I can gather breastfeeding is fairly normal in Mexican culture, but obviously in the resorts the guests are mainly American/from other clountries, not Mexico.

Any reassurance anyone can give that I am not going to end up in some awkward situation would be appreciated. very much.


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