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3 weeks in and still suffering..... please share experience re any of these issues... domperidone, fenugreek, baby failing to gain weight, thyroid issues, posterior tongue tie, Thrush

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SirCharles Fri 15-Jun-12 01:01:47

no time to post whole story tonight but just wondered if anyone had experience of:
1. BF baby failing to gain weight .... have started supplementing with small amounts of formula when I do not have expressed milk available but failing to gain is a worry because the MWs turn it into such a big issue. (nb PFB put on 100g between day 11 & day 15 after we introduced topping up so fingers crossed he is on the up now....). Please tell me good happy outcome stories!

I would have preferred to not make a big song & dance about lack of weight gain in the first 2 weeks but MW really undermined my confidence & basically suggested I was starving my PFB..... PFB is a happy little chappy, looks alert, lots of soiled nappies & generally sleeps well. Only problem has been weight gain and the (prob connected) fact that he does stay on the breast far too long & can be quite dissatisfied despite the time spent there - whether that is poor latch, lack of milk supply, TT or something else .... I dont know (see below)!! Can anyone share similar experiences or ways of getting the MWs off my back quick? (My DH comment on them has been that Breast is Best until there is a problem and then all the HPs seem to want you to start giving formula without addressing the actual cause of the issues.... the only help we have had is from internet research and paying private LCs)

2. posterior TT - first LC diagnosed this but not qualified to snip so MW referred us to another LC who says it is not bad enough to snip as he has good tongue mobility....
that is all v well but my nipples are still lipstick shaped when they come out of his mouth despite numerous advisers (LCs, NCT counsellors, MW) saying the latch looks good. Most of the time it is not painful but sometimes..... grrr ouch!

He struggles to open his mouth wide - even in the biological nurturing position. TBH his mouth has grown since day 1 so I have seen some improvement but I am not sure i can keep on BF for much longer if we cannot get him to stop compressing the nipple. I took him to an osteopath yesterday so hoping he can release any tension which might be causing this......

anyone have experience to share?!

3. I was told my milk supply was low (based on a single pre & post feed weigh of PFB) probably due to thyroid needing time to settle down after the birth/pregnancy so I have asked the dr to check my thyroid levels now rather than waiting until my 8 week check..... if my hormone levels are unsettled and she changes my medication will I see my milk supply come up to a suitable level or will it be too late for that and I will forever have to supplement?

4. Due to point 3 above the LC recommended taking domperidone and I managed to get the GP to prescribe it. only 10 mg 3 times a day though. Does anyone have any experience of taking domperiodone they could share please? How much were you taking, for how long, what impact did it have on your milk supply & when did it increase, what happened when you stopped it?

5. PFB and I both have thrush (my nipples, his bottom) and are receiving treatment. How long will it take to clear up? It has been a week now and although the pain diminished almost immediately we are still not clear and I think the pain has started again but i dont know if it is due to thrush or poor latch! HELP!

6. What herbal supplements have people taken to improve milk supply and how much? am taking 2x610 Fenugreek caps three/Four times daily..... what else would you recommend?

sorry for the long post without too much personal detail. trying to get my questions down before LO wakes up for his next feed!

I look forward to some MN advice.

babybouncer Fri 15-Jun-12 06:22:37

Ds (now 3) failed to gain weight, was unhappy, didn't sleep and actually looked skinny by 8 wks - we switched to formula and the difference was incredible. He put on weight but also became happy.

Dd (2 months) had slow weight gain but is happy and alert. I am taking 3 fenugreek caps with every meal, express as much as I can (spent 3 days trying to do it after every feed) and feed, feed, feed! I also carry her in a sling quite a lot. Hv is happy that she is gaining, but has asked me to weigh her once a fortnight just to keep check.

Hope that helps.

mawbroon Fri 15-Jun-12 06:41:52

I would get another opinion on the tt.

here is a support group on facebook. If you were able to post photos, one of the lactation consultants could give you some input.

here is a good video about maximising output when expressing

mawbroon Fri 15-Jun-12 06:53:08

also, here is some self help on checking your baby's tongue mobility

marshmallowpies Fri 15-Jun-12 07:02:28

I took domperidone - 20mg 3 times a day for 2 weeks, then a lower amount for the following 2 wks.

In terms of noticeable increase in milk volume - before I was expressing perhaps 10-15 ml from each breast at each attempt, and it took hours; now I can get 20-30 ml from each.

I aim to pump 100ml across the course of the day (usually 1 session in am & 1 in afternoon/evening) and use for DD's night time feed. I am now getting enough volume to actually have surplus now- I proudly froze 30ml of milk last night.

NB we are still supplementing with formula too, DD never seems to get enough from the breast, but she is always breastfed first before offering the bottle.

Good luck with your you have a BFing cafe/drop in you can go to? They've been a massive help to me.

thelittlestkiwi Fri 15-Jun-12 07:33:56

I found redbush (rooibush sp?) tea more effective than fenegreek tablets. Two cups a day made a noticeable difference for me.

It sounds to me like you are doing really, really well, despite what MW says. I am not an expert and tried expressing at various times but often found it just stuffed up the next feed. If I BF again, I wouldn't express at all but would trust my body to adjust and produce enough milk. Your PFB sounds happy and healthy which is the main thing. What I would do, is introduce a bottle of formula at 6pm ish, as this was when my milk was obviously thinner. Systematically replacing a feed like that should mean production would adjust.

Good luck.

tostaky Fri 15-Jun-12 14:23:03

Thrush not cleared after a week of treatment? go back to your gp now!!!

Milk supply, im drinking pukka drink with fennel, chicory and cinamon, very tasty and fennel is meant to be good for your milk supply.... I am also drinking Becks Blue blush which is an almost alcohol-free beer... i drink it for taste but apparently beer is excellent for milk supply too! and i have LOTS of milk

sorry cant help about the rest, hope you find it easier very soon brew

thegingerone Fri 15-Jun-12 14:37:09

Slow wt gain here. Took Domperidone for months. Made a huge differance I'll try to come back to give more details. I've blanked loads of it out TBH! Got a pre school run feed to get in now!

Bottom line. I have a very gorgeous (if tiny) 6mo but her first few months were shitty hell for us all.

I'll be back, promise!

SirCharles Fri 15-Jun-12 18:14:59

Thanks everyone. Good to know I am not alone! Interesting re the rooibush tea - a new one to me!

Thanks for the links re expressing - def need the help!

Look forward to hearing more thegingerone

narmada Fri 15-Jun-12 19:30:20

First off, how slow is slow to gain weight? Is he dropping through multiple centiles? Is he always weighed on the same scales, placed on a solid surface? (Just that some of my midwives tried to weigh DS on the carpet, and one even tried to put the scales on the bed shock.

I think I would be tempted to see another lactation consultant if you can afford it - she might have a different opinion on the TT and it can make a big difference, getting it done. Also far far easier to have done now rather than further down the line.

I think from your post you have ongoing thyroid issues, is that right? I would definitely say in that case to involve a LC as well as GP because I think (may be wrong) that hypothyroid can cause low milk supply.

Sorry, not a complete answer to your various points but I ahve to go and get the kids to bed smile hope you find an answer.

SirCharles Fri 15-Jun-12 19:32:37

tostaky where do you get that drink from please?

* marshmallow* excellent news & congrats on getting to the stage of having surplus to freeze - a distant dream for us right now !
How did you get a prescription for that amount of domperidone? I understand GPs are reluctant to go over the usual 30g per day dose here in the UK but I see Jack Newman the BF guru dr in Canada recommends his patients a much higher dose. I have been on 3pilsls a day for the last week and although I have seen a small increase I don't have enough to only supplement with BM & sometimes get nothing at all sad
I would really like to remove formula ASAP so need to convince the GP to give me more! (it is expensive to buy OTC)

I am goi g to see what magic the osteopath works next week and if that fails to help PFB open his mouth wider I am def getting a 2nd opinion on the PTT. Ridged nipples after every feed is not a great part of my day.

Back to the GP re thrush too - grrrrr. I don't think GPs really know how to treat it in aBF mum & child scenario........ Any suggestions?

CelticRepublican Fri 15-Jun-12 20:40:32

Hello just wanted to give a quick response about the domperidone- I pumped long term because DS was very premature and I had a poor supply, I took it for upwards of four months, between two and four 10mg tablets a day, and it helped massively. I havealso heard of mums taking much more than that.

Good luck.

SirCharles Fri 15-Jun-12 22:39:50

Thanks for the support. I am on thyroxin For Hashimotos hypothyroidism (diagnosed 2009) which of course is effected by hormones of pregnancy/childbirth. It is likely slightly over or under medicated right now but usually the HPs will not check it again until my 8 week check to allow time for my hormones to calm down. I am hoping that once they do calm down and my meds are corrected that my milk supply will right itself too. I am waiting to hear on my blood test results from earlier in the week & hope GP will amend m meds if necessary.
If anyone else has experience of this I would love to hear from you.

PFB started 52nd percentile for weight (25th for the other things they measured at birth) and dipped to 15th percentile. He has been weighed on the same scales & was just not gaining weight. Now he has gained 100g they seemed a little more relaxed but I just hope this weight gain continues. The MWs really did knock my confidence. I just don't understand their concern when his nappy output was high & he seemed happy & alert. Surely weight is just one measurement on a list of things to consider in the first 2 weeks?
I should not have let them get to me but their comments & lack of constructive support really pees me off.

I am going to increase the domperidone dose as I have seen a increase but not a huge one.

Andromaca Fri 15-Jun-12 22:44:47

About the thyroid issue, I have an under active thyroid that started misbehaving 3 months after my DD was born and my supply went down to basically zero, but was back as before after one week once the endocrinologist fixed the dosage of my thyroxin.

SirCharles Sat 16-Jun-12 09:13:46

Thx for sharing andromaca. That is good news.

marshmallowpies Sat 16-Jun-12 17:50:26

SirCharles I got a letter of recommendation from a midwife & the GP was happy to prescribe on that basis.

If you can't find a sympathetic MW try a breastfeeding drop in centre if you have one near you? That's where I got the letter from.

Should add that even though I'm pumping 120ml + every day now, I'm still not convinced DD is getting much from BFing directly as my nipples are very flat - but I still try & feed as often as she demands, just to keep the supply going, but with formula top up after every feed.

Sarichan Sat 16-Jun-12 22:15:26

Really feel for you.

But if you want a happy ending story - my DD lost about 12% of her birth weight in the first week or so, didn't regain birthweight until she was just under one month old, and lost a few grams of weight at a couple of the weigh ins in that period. All despite my doing nothing that first month except feed her. Got dirty looks and sighs from the midwives who seemed narked at having to come round my house to get her weighed time and time again, and had to give formula top ups from about 2 weeks on to get rid of them. A more sympathetic BF counsellor thought it was that DD wouldn't open her mouth widely enough, gave a few ideas, and said the problem would ease as her mouth grew and got stronger.

After two months, DD was gaining weight steadily and I phased out the top ups. She's been EBF since then and she's now a year old and doing great. She still doesn't open her mouth widely, but doesn't seem to matter one jot and I can't believe how easy BF became compared with the early days.

I do so remember being worried sick over this and the way the midwives made me feel. Fair enough, I know the slightest thing, even a funny look can set you off when you've got a newborn, but they really were unsupportive and if it weren't for the BF counsellor, I might have jacked it in.

Wish you all the best.

SirCharles Sun 17-Jun-12 00:58:36

Oh thank you Sarichan - your story sounds similar to mine so am so happy to hear your story worked out. Thank you - gives me hope.

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