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Aromatherapy oils and b/f- What's ok,

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colette Sun 07-Dec-03 14:27:59

Does anyone know what aromatherapy oils I can use ??. I would like to use vetivert/clary sage and bergamot and neroli . I am pretty sure lavender is ok .
Now ds sleeps a bit better I find I cannot get back to sleep after a feed or I take ages getting off to sleep as I am thinking about what I should have got done in the day!!A bath with oils would help. Consequently I am pretty tired (understatement)

popsycal Sun 07-Dec-03 14:29:23

colette - i posted a link to a website when someone asked about aromatherpay in pregnancy - hold on i will find it and post it here too

popsycal Sun 07-Dec-03 14:31:13

try this website...may have the answers that you are looking for

colette Sun 07-Dec-03 17:40:33

Thanks popyscal

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