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Reflux - any advice gratefully received!

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Lea2003 Wed 03-Dec-03 19:56:20

My dd is 7 weeks old - has been suffering from colic since 4 weeks and takes Infacol(has made a big improvememnt. She also brings back a lot of milk either straight after her feed or an hour or so later this time with curds in it.(Yuk) Have been to GP who says is most probably refux and prescribed infant Gaviscon. Dd is also very windy which I presume is connected even though she is breastfed. Can anyone give me anything to try and help her feel better - although usually after vomiting she feels much happier. Also does anyone know how long before you can make up the Gaviscon - she wakes twice in night so any tips would give us both more sleep!!


LIZS Wed 03-Dec-03 20:18:16

Our dd also had reflux but wasn't diagnosed until 8 weeks. If your dd is also unusually windy perhaps you need her b'feeding positioning checked out as I found by 7/8 weeks with ds I'd got a bit lazier and ended up with blocked ducts. I'm not sure whether if she feels better having just been sick it is necessarily purely reflux that is troubling her. Have you kept a list to see if anything in your diet perhaps makes it worse ?

Presumably you've had the basic advice from gp or on previous threads here about keeping her upright for an hour or so after feeding, in car seat, bouncy chair etc (I was told not to even change her nappy) and raising head end of cot or pram with books, steps or rolled towels under mattress so that she doesn't sleep flat.

Incidently our dd was sleeping through before she was even diagnosed so I wouldn't necessarily relate the reflux to sleep directly.

hope this helps,

bunnyrabbit Wed 03-Dec-03 22:58:25

My DS has reflux and I used to add the gavison just before I gave him his bottle but a friend whose baby went back to hospital before he was diagnosed with relux, said the nurses added the gavison at the same time as they made up the formula, so I've been donig this ever since.

My DS also has very bad wind and this can be one fo the symptoms of reflux. See This Link.

With some reflux babies it doesn't matter how long you keep them upright, they can still projectile vomit (DS can 3 hours later!!). I have a pygjama shorts set which I only ever manage to wear for one morning feed as DS always manages to chuck up over it!

I think babies taking gaviscon are harder to wind, but I find that if I really persevere, a good couple of burps can prevent a lot of vomiting.


Lea2003 Thu 04-Dec-03 18:35:00

Thanks for the replies. Am finding it hard to get dd to take Gaviscon - she just spits it back at me but it certainly has made a difference. Am not using it all the time as I have the problem of when to make it up etc - will certainly put it in her expressed bottles though.
The GP was not unduly concerned about the reflux so hopefully I will just get used to it and it will gradually improve.

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