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Good places to breastfeed in Central London?

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Babe Fri 28-Nov-03 13:13:33

Hi there - any suggestions for places that are welcoming and / or don't mind breastfeeding in Central London, if for example, you go for a day out? Shops or cafes would be the obvious I suppose, but I always seem to end up in one of the Neal Street cafes and they don't exactly beam upon me when I get my breast out (in a discreet manner of course...)!


bobthebaby Fri 28-Nov-03 20:03:21

I breastfed anywhere and everywhere in Central London when on holiday, including on the top deck of a bus, a commuter train, art galleries, park benches. Nobody looks at anybody much in London anyway.

Karen99 Fri 28-Nov-03 22:01:17

Hi Babe, I agree with BTB, people don't take any notice anyway, and those that do look away rather quickly! If you have to feed you have to feed. I find DS only manages 5mins or so when out and about as he's too distracted to concentrate on the job! I must admit I look for a quiet corner if I can, but quite often it happens at the table. Most of the time it looks like you're cuddling anyway. Sorry, that's not much help - maybe take a light scarf or blanket with you to drape over your shoulder? Also makes it a bit more discreet.

suzywong Fri 28-Nov-03 22:04:53

I agree with bobthebaby, get them out anywhere but if you want a little comfort go to John Lewis at Oxford circus for a nice mum and baby room. Or try one of the better fashion shops if you are desparate and go in to a fitting room cubicle.
Basically , no one is going to prevent you from BFing anywhere a) because it is a human necessity and b) because people in London don't like to get involved with others.
So you go for it and enjoy your day out

fisil Sat 29-Nov-03 07:41:46

I found all the national museums had parent and child rooms. Some were quite nice, some were complete dumps. But I had quite good fun finding them (and I wasn't breast feeding, I just wanted a bit of piece and quiet and a comfy chair to do his bottle).

aloha Sat 29-Nov-03 10:29:09

Peter Jones in Sloane Street is mummy heaven. John Lewis is good too. But I also agree with Bobthebaby - do it anywhere. London's cool (on the whole). I've never had a problem with Cafe Rouge (full of breastfeeding mothers, I've found).

Babe Sat 29-Nov-03 10:36:46

Thank you for your encouragement - you are all very confident!

The main problem is that DS feeds really slowly, around 30-40 mins so I can't really feed on public transport, unless its a looooong journey, like when I went to Loughborough the other weekend when the train carriage was filled with footie fans on their way to Nottingham for a stag night - eeek. I had to feed him but it was a bit public.

Any suggestions ( I will try John Lewis) for just sitting in a warm, friendly place, preferably with a nice cup of tea?

suzywong Sat 29-Nov-03 12:37:08

BTB try an Italian cafe, there are loads all around town, the culture in Italy is more relaxed about kids so if the owners, workers are genuine Italians they will have not problem. You could aske them to find you a table out of the way.

Karen99 Sat 29-Nov-03 13:07:18

Hi Babe, Remember that those men have wives who most likely bf and won't think anything of it. I keep the scarf in the changing bag so it's always to hand, particularly in those situations. JL tea areas are lovely, nice, peaceful places to feed. I wouldn't worry about the time, just stop and start when you have to. My ds used to be the same, but is now down to 10mins 5 months on. Good luck and be confident!

Babe Sun 30-Nov-03 19:38:55

Many thanks for the suggestions and encouragement.

London here I come (with baby and breasts!)

florenceuk Sun 30-Nov-03 20:41:26

Just to add, I noted that Selfridges now has a really lovely feeding area in the ladies loo with those comfy rocker chairs. Starbucks are also good for sitting down for ages and not buying anything - if you can find a seat!

boyandgirl Mon 01-Dec-03 10:25:28

I always just get them out (discreetly ) wherever is convenient, and have never had any problems, but yesterday, for the first time ever I felt uncomfortable. We went to watch the Changing of the Guard at Bucks Palace, and in the interval between the parade arriving and leaving I sat down on a railing and fed. I have never been stared at so much! Passers by were even turning around and walking sideways to keep staring as they went by - were they trying to get a glimpse of titty or what?!

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