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alternative formulas for unsettled babies

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shalenmatt Wed 26-Nov-03 20:15:05

My chikd was diagnosed as milk intolerant without any tests.As a result he was put on Wysoy formula. This is available on prescription and sold over the counter in most shops.Did you know it has greater cariogenic potential?(In other words it can rot their teeth more)Be careful, demand tests We as parents are given minimal advice and each Primary Care Trust (pcg) will have different approaches. Did you know most PCG's follow COTS advice on weaning from 1994 as I was advised today from a dietician at Leeds? (PCT) How alarming is that, to think that nearly 10yrs has evolved and we're still being advised old policies in a supposed modern NHS.

tiktok Wed 26-Nov-03 22:17:10

What's COTS?

PCTs don't have to have any policy on weaning, do they?

Tell us more

shalenmatt Thu 27-Nov-03 06:04:59

Sorry tiktok i was so irate last night after speaking to various PCGs i typed lots of messages and this being the last one i've mistyped it. They follow the COMA report of 1994. I spoke to five PCG's yesterday in the yorkshire area and they all have weaning policies.An anonomous caller from national childbirth says tooth decay in infants on wysoy has been around for years and told me to check babymilkaction's website. i am on a mission, to try and highlight the problems with wysoy and help give mothers a choice.

tiktok Thu 27-Nov-03 19:06:27

Thanks. You need to distinguish between PCTs and PCGs, though.

Yes, it's been known for years about soya formula - see my post elsewhere on this.

The COMA guidelines are still in force everywhere - nothing wrong with them, as they too say soya milk should only be used in proven cases of cows milk allergy., IIRC. They have been tweaked lately by the DoH's new guidance on exclsuive breastfeeding to 6 mths.

Why don't you like COMA?

shalenmatt Fri 28-Nov-03 09:55:19

tiktok..i'm a young mum whos trying to research into why my son was prescribed a formula without and hv both say nothing in guidleines to say he should have been tested..nothing against anybody personally,,just think if less than 5% of infants lactose intolerant then surely it warrants testing them first...had bad experience and just want other mums n babies not to go through same...maybe SMA at fault for not highlighting stronger sugar content on son didn't even have symptoms for lactose intolerance...don't know where to start..just trying to find out as much as i can...thanks for responding..appreciate your help

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