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Which is faster - variable or fast flow teat?

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Boot1 Tue 25-Nov-03 12:00:22

Our DS has been on a variable teat pretty much since birth (he's now 15 weeks). He seems to be messing around with his feeds at the moment and I wondered whether it was time to change, except don't really know if fast will be better as variable seems to do the lot. Any ideas?

bluecow Tue 25-Nov-03 12:50:25

Our ds liked (and still does) the Boots fast flow teats. They're softer than the Avents but fit an Avent bottle, if that's what you're using.

Jane101 Thu 27-Nov-03 17:30:16

My ds seemed quite happy with the Maws version of vario-flow. It's not like Avent, with little holes in, but has a cross cut in the top. I assume milk comes out faster if you suck harder. We used these bottles from soon after birth (having experimented with several sorts) until he moved on to beakers (Avent soft spout, then Heinz baby basics).

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