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How to sterilise medela pump

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musica Mon 24-Nov-03 17:47:12

Ok, I've bitten the bullet and bought the medela mini electric pump, only to find I can't sterilise it in my microwave steam steriliser. So what do I do? Boil it? Or is it actually ok in the microwave? Or should I get an ordinary steriliser? Or use cold water bags?

tinyfeet Mon 24-Nov-03 18:33:12

I would just use hot water/soap - hand wash. You can boil the parts, if you want, but I never did. I never had a problem, and I used the medela pumpnstyle mini electric pump 5 days a week for nearly 5 months.

Nome Mon 24-Nov-03 19:34:46

I was peeved to find that it wouldn't go in the microwave and we ended up with a standard steam steriliser as I couldn't bear the smell of bleach/milton hanging around as I expressed. I think we could have put it through the dishwasher, but we didn't run it often enough. It's a pita, isn't it?

codswallop Mon 24-Nov-03 19:35:03

kept readin ghtis as Mandela pump!!

pupuce Mon 24-Nov-03 20:51:10

Or just boil it for 10 mins..... BUT put a loud timer on as I forgot mine, the water ran out and the kitchen caught fire - the fumes were horrid !

StressyHead Mon 24-Nov-03 20:57:51

message withdrawn

Dixie Mon 24-Nov-03 23:09:00

the instruction booklet recommended putting through a dishwasher or steam sterilizer...i put in both depending if i was running the dishwasher for other stuff.

princesspeahead Mon 24-Nov-03 23:12:34

why don't you just buy a thing of milton and do it in an old icecream carton?

ScotsBird Tue 25-Nov-03 11:29:09

I've never sterilised mine - I just washed it in hot soapy water (or dishwashed it) - make sure you get the remnants of milk off the components though !

I LOVE my Medela - it was a great purchase !!

ninja Sat 29-Nov-03 11:33:01

Damn I've been microwaving mine (in fact it'sin there now!) I only do this sometimes as I can't wash it at work

Oh well!

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