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SMA Wysoy formula for milk intolerant babies.

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shalenmatt Sun 23-Nov-03 20:12:20

I need other mums who have used this formula to contact me urgently. Did your child have tests before being diagnosed as milk intolerant? If not how did your GP or Health visitor come to this conclusion? Has your child got any teeth yet? Is he/she suffering from tooth decay.

popsycal Sun 23-Nov-03 20:14:40

my ds was on soya milk for about 3 months then gradually put himonto sma white....he is fine - healthy - a bit chubby though - with lovely teeth
the hv mentioned this to me too
it took him 4 motnths to get fully onto cows milk - nw 16 months
some babies are just a bit sensitive - not always intolerant totally
no tests just threw everything - tried soya in depseration and was fine

popsycal Sun 23-Nov-03 20:15:37

you can also get other stuff from big branches of boots made by sma that isnt soya but is for very sensitive intolerant babies
can't remember the exact name though sorry

Rach13 Sun 23-Nov-03 20:26:15

I would also like some advice. My ds has eczema and every time I have tried him with some formula such as in baby rice he has a bright red rash all round his mouth with little lumps. I have spoken to the health visitor and GP who say this is not conclusive evidence it would be making him sick etc. However if he is not having that much formula, just an ounce mixed in rice would it do this?I think there is definitely some sort of reaction and I am not sure what to do next as he should be starting to have dairy products soon as he is 5 and half months. I am concerned as I thought you needed to introduce dairy products as there is not enough calcium in breast milk. Any advice please?

Beccarollo Sun 23-Nov-03 20:35:08

Isnt that stuff popsycal is talking about called SMA Staydown? I think it might be

popsycal Sun 23-Nov-03 20:36:20

soemthing like that becca

chatee Sun 23-Nov-03 20:58:07

my dd is 3 and still on wysoy for milk substitute-her teeth are fine.
what the reason for the urgency? before i tell anymore
there have been previous threads/discussions on this topic for you to look at

lou33 Sun 23-Nov-03 23:33:57

There is a high amount of sugar in Wysoy. Three of mine have had dairy problems, 2 of them were on Wysoy, the 3rd was on a non dairy and non soya formula. I think they use more sugar in non dairy formulas because they taste so revolting otherwise.

robinw Mon 24-Nov-03 05:37:33

message withdrawn

kmg1 Mon 24-Nov-03 14:45:09

ds2 was on Wysoy from 9 mnths for about 6 months. He didn't have tests, but had been throwing up after every meal for about 2 months ... I hadn't realised the connection at all, but the GP noticed it started at the same time as I introduced dairy products, and started to wean him off breastmilk. He did well on the soya formula, stopped being sick almost instantly. He's 4.5 now and his teeth are perfect - no decay at all.

shalenmatt Tue 25-Nov-03 18:32:15

My son was diagnosed as lactose intolernat at weeks without any tests. He was prescribed wysoy formula. At 15 months the dentist said all his top teeth were rotten. Only drank milk formula from bottle, didn't like juice. I have raised point to local primary care trust but to raise concern nationally i need help from other mothers. Wysoy formula uses glucose instead of lactose and glucose is a stronger sugar that can cause cavities more than lactose. please help

Loobie Tue 25-Nov-03 18:48:03

my dd was constantly sick from nirth,i mean really sick,16 bibs,3 sets of clothes and a towel round us at all times until she was about 41/2 months and the doctor put her on sma wysoy without ant test atc and within 2-3 days the sickness stopped completely.She had teeth since she was 5 months and no there's no sign of decay,she only drinks her milk or warm water from her bottles.

shalenmatt Tue 25-Nov-03 18:51:28

If you can help me my email address is The primary care trust recognise wysoy as being a problem in my sons case but without the help of other mothers my case alone won't be enough to go national. There are other formulas to choose from an option i wasn't given. A child will be absolutely intolerant to milk or not at all. There are no fine lines. Demand a test before you give your child wysoy

shalenmatt Tue 25-Nov-03 20:37:15

dear loobie. don't want to alarm u but matt didn't show signs of tooth decay until 15/16mths. Matt only drank wysoy from bottle, anything else was from beaker. He has lost all but 4 of his top teeth suggesting it was not something he ate as it didn't affect his bottom teeth. If your child is def milk intolerant then wean her asap. If not try other milks, even goats milk.I've been told by clinical advisor 2day that some babies dislike milk but the few that are intolerant are completely intolerant. there is no half way mark. See your GP

tiktok Wed 26-Nov-03 00:04:25

Shalenmatt, it's been known for ages that soya formula can be lethal for teeth - I remember the BBC's Watchdog programme doing something on it. Mothers should always be informed never to give it in a bottle after the teeth come through, but apparently, they're not told this

I suggest you do a search on the web if you haven't yet done so. Good luck.

shalenmatt Thu 27-Nov-03 06:10:02

tiktok when was the programme aired roughly. I've contacted babymilkaction who got someone to call me back from national childbirth association who says this has been a problem for yrs. Y didn't i know anything about it and more so y does no one in the primary care trust for most of yorkshire know anything about it.Can u point me in right direction. i need to find other people in similar situation to me and my son. Son has serious tooth decay from drinking wysoy upto 16mths from a bottle.My daughter drank regular formula out of bottle upto 18mths n her teeth r perfect.

tiktok Thu 27-Nov-03 19:08:56

Like I say - do a web search

shalenmatt Fri 28-Nov-03 09:49:19

tiktok appreciate your help but new to internet...found watchdog sight but nothing on it about programme.....thanks anyway...

tiktok Fri 28-Nov-03 17:22:35

Hi...put the words risks of soy formula or risks of soya formula (do both spellings for two separate searches) into Google and you will come up with loads of hits. It may no longer be on the Watchdog site.

Like I say, these risks of soya formula have been known at least since the mid-90s. It's not just the teeth-decay potential, but the aluminium content, the phyto-oestrogen (plant hormones) content and the fact that some children are allergic to it.

There is a view that it should never be used except in cases of clinical need, because of these risks - lactose intolerance is very, very rare at birth (some experts argue it doesn't exist) but transient LI does exist, usually as a result of a tummy upset. In those cases, very short term use of soya formula might be justified, with the baby moving back to normal formula when recovered.

Good luck in your researches. You might find your dentist is happy to support you.

shalenmatt Sat 29-Nov-03 21:26:28

tiktok,u r a star!!!!As i progress through it all i'll keep u updated on this standards trying to help on SMA Wysoy side of it and going through complaint proceedings with PCT' the way what is difference between PCT's and PCG's...please keep in touch..appreciate your help and support

sb34 Sat 29-Nov-03 21:47:55

Message withdrawn

tiktok Sun 30-Nov-03 10:20:17

Glad to help, shalenmatt.

PCTs are primary care trusts, responsible for commissioning primary care, allocating resources and monitoring services. Primary Care Groups are smaller, and act in a more advisory role to the health authority. you can read about the difference here

How did your dd acquire lactose intolerance, sb? Sounds as if you are taking care to reduce the poss negative effects of soya formula - also giving it in a cup is less likely to cause dental decay than in a bottle.

tiktok Sun 30-Nov-03 18:05:18

Just to clarify - plenty of adults and older children may be lactose's just babies where the condition is v. rare (unless it is acquired as the result of a problem).

Jella Fri 06-Jul-07 21:54:53

My little boy is almost six months old and is totally breast fed. I have started to introduce formula in the weaning process with baby rice and every time he has developed a rash on his face with little white bumps. Does anyone know what this could be and and if there are any alternative brands of formula I could try for sensitive babies?
Any advice would be gratefully received.
Many thanks

terramum Fri 06-Jul-07 23:10:43

Jella - water is fine for mixing purees. No need for formula at all when starting solids if you are bfing. Might be worth posting this on the weaning board for some more views.

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