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***VERY*** windy little breastfed boy

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EvanMom Tue 18-Nov-03 15:21:44

My little 4 month old boy farts (mostly silently) his way through every breast feeding. Can anyone suggest why this might be (he is exclusively breastfed, does not suffer from colic and is very content). My HV helpfully suggested "...he's a man, isn't he?'.

It's not really a problem other than I am tired of sitting in a stinky cloud (spoils the enjoyment a little) and I get some strange looks if I feed in public.

Anyone with similar problem (babes, that is). Perhaps a peg is the answer?

Epigirl Tue 18-Nov-03 15:42:38

Hi, have had two similar babies, exclusively breastfed and full of wind. One dd and one ds so not sure on the 'he's a man' bit!

Soory, I don't really have any advice just wanted you to know that you're not alone and DD is now 23 months and stpped being windy as sson as weened! (ds 11 weeks and very farty, am feeding in a sitnky cloud as I type!)

Cha Tue 18-Nov-03 15:46:58

My 11 week old is the same - never stops farting. We once counted 24 in sucession. He doesn't do it when feeding so much, does it when he wakes up and is stretching. He was (still is sometimes) very colicky and gulps air as he feeds (bf). I think the farts are from this, combined with my veggie diet (lots of pulses and wholegrain hippy stuff).
A question to mums of bf boys (who have a girl too) - do your boy's poos smell much worse than your girl's? I rather liked the yeasty, starchy, yoghurty smell of my dd's bf poos and was rather surprised to find that ds's have that smell too, but overlaid with a sulphurous stink. Is it just my boy??

EvanMom Tue 18-Nov-03 16:00:11

Can't answer Cha about girls poos vs. boys poos as I am the mother of boys. However I can reassure you that ds2 farts are truly the sulphurous stink you refer to, but funnily enough his poos are pretty pleasant smelling. [ Just **HOW** did I end up talking like this. I used to work in the City ]

Thanks for letting me know I am not alone in my cloud!

Epigirl Tue 18-Nov-03 16:06:36

Cha, sorry but dd's poos and ds's smell the same!

(luckily I worked in industry and so am used to all kinds of stinks/stinky (but loveable)men!)

Do you think veggie diet contributes?I'm veggie too.

ds farts when people ask to hold him - nearly blows their hand off then they give him back!

Cha Tue 18-Nov-03 16:11:45

typing one handed as ds feeds and downloads sulphurously. just my boy then? can't WAIT till he's on solids. or a teenager in the loo before me.

suedonim Tue 18-Nov-03 16:17:01

Dd once let rip with a really loud, smelly one when dh was carrying her in a crowded lift. The sound positively ricocheted off the metal walls and reverberated through the entire shopping mall, I swear. A couple of women, who were probably mums, looked amused, while some youngsters looked appalled and the business men all found something interesting to stare at on the ceiling. Me?? I was trying to stop the tears running down my legs, I was laughing so hard!

coppertop Tue 18-Nov-03 16:36:58

I can really relate to this. I used to carry ds2 in a sling and button my coat up over the top. He would rattle off several farts in succession in enclosed spaces. People couldn't see him unless they were fairly close and thought I was just a very windy woman with a strange protruding stomach.

Beccarollo Tue 18-Nov-03 16:37:04

I was talking about breastfed poos to my friends today and they wouldnt believe it - I LOVE the smell of DS poo - to the point when Ive finished the nappy I have a little sniff of it before I put it in the bin - put his farts do stink a bit!

Epigirl Tue 18-Nov-03 16:42:54

Had ds in a sling in M&S yesterday and a woman came up to me, looked into the sling and said, "Oh, I saw the hair and I was wondering what it was", then walked off. Have been wondering what on earth she could have thought I'd have strapped to my chest ever since.

tinyfeet Tue 18-Nov-03 16:53:03

EvanMom, At least they're silent! DD farted all the time - big loud adult farts. I think it's normal, and I don't think there's anything you can do. I also tried to change my own diet, but nothing seemed to make much difference. The only advice given to me was to reduce dairy and spicy foods, which I did try, but to no avail.

motherinferior Wed 19-Nov-03 08:16:21

Dd1 farted incredibly noisily - I was amazed at how adult-sized the noise was - but dd2 (exclusively breastfed, now 21 weeks) belches. She gets terrible tummyache, cries, you have to rub her back for AGES (to the point where every other parent says knowingly 'oh no, it can't be wind' and then lets rip like a bloke after 15 pints.

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