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What age was your baby when you took fluconazole

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foodaholic Thu 02-Feb-12 19:26:33

I'm feeding my 6 day old DD and despite feeding my DS for 10 months, all of the same initial problems I had with him are arising with her. I really thought (naively) that I'd be ok this time. Not sure why now as had vaginal thrush throughout my pregnancy so really was inevitable. Last time, I basically suffered horrendously painful feeds for 6 weeks when I finally realised I had nipple and breast thrush and treated with canestan and fluconazole (together with cutting back on sugar). I'm pretty sure I already have thrush again this time and want to stop it in it's tracks asap. However, I'm a bit concerned about taking fluconazole when my DD is only a week old. I'd rather wait until she is about 5 weeks like my DS but not sure I can cope with the pain until then. Please let me know what age your LO was when you took fluconazole. Thanks in advance.

WestYorkshireGirl Thu 02-Feb-12 21:44:58

foodaholic Sorry you are a thrush-sufferer. My DD was about 4 weeks I think and after seeing GP who offered me cream and Nystatin for DD which didn't work, another GP didn't hesitate in prescribing Fluconazole (high loading dose) as being the most effective way to treat Thrush. I later took it about 4/5 more times up to when my DD was about 6 months. The last 2 times I took lower doses for 2 weeks to finally shift it and took various other natural supplements and actions to deal with it which were in a really useful LLL leaflet and the advice of a Lactation Consultant. In summary what I did:

- Wash everything that comes into contact with breasts and baby dribble at at least 50 degrees (I washed everything at this)
- Changed my bra every day (and only wore cotton ones)
- Stopped wearing breast pads entirely and ensured breasts/nipples stayed as dry as possible
- Hand washing for me and baby
- Separate towels from rest of family
- New toothbrush and to be kept separate from DH's
- Stopped expressing milk entirely and never re-started, threw away stored milk
- Limited sugar and other refined carbohydrates as much as possible (but I too craved sweet things so had them if I really fancied them)
- Tried to see if any foods made it worse (e.g. yeasty things) but didn't see a pattern
- Tried Nystatin for DD, but Daktarin gel worked better - used to put it on my finger and let her suck it for a while.

- Nutritional supplements I tried (from the LLL leaflet):

*Probiotic tablet (Lactobacillus acidophilus) according to packet instructions (mine were 3 x per day) and for 2 weeks after symptoms have cleared. Got from Boots. Also a daily small carton of Actimel and lots of natural yoghurt.
* Grapefruit seed extract (Citricidal) via Higher Nature website - warning - tastes FOUL even in juice, 5-15 drops in 150ml water 2-5 times per day.
* Zinc acetate or zinc gluconate - 45 mg daily via Higher Nature website (I got tablets).
* B Vitamins - 100mg daily of each ( I took a B vitamin complex with them all in) from Boots.

Higher Nature are really good and have advisers you can talk to. I also got vaginal thrush the last time and bought a probiotic suppository from them which helped.
I had a few problems if I mentioned I was b/f as some of these were on their lists of things you shouldn't take (even though there is research they work!)

Things I didn't do but were suggested:
- Throw away old make up
- Use sterilising fluid to clean toys and dummies (she was so little at this point, she didn't really put anything in her mouth and she didn't use a dummy)
- Consultant also recommended DH be given Fluconazole as he could have it too and might have passed it back on his hands etc, but we didn't get to this point.
- Using Gentian Violet, but I couldn't seem to find it in the UK (A MNetter later told me she got some via Ebay)

Another useful leaflet

I hope you can get it sorted soon.

TruthSweet Fri 03-Feb-12 10:00:05

Have you had feeding assessed by a bfing specialist? That is assessed by someone who hasn't given you a cursory glance and gone 'Latch looks fine'.

Are your nipples shaped differently post-feed? Do they change colour after a feed (maybe white/purple to pink)? This is good for working out where the pain is coming from.

It's pretty unusually to get thrush so early and fluconazole can build up in under 6 weekers so positioning and attachment (how you hold baby and how she latches on) would need to be properly checked before giving fluc. More details here.

Have you got access to a bfing specialist MW/Infant feeding co-ordinator/breastfeeding counsellor?

AGreatBalancingAct Fri 03-Feb-12 10:20:02

I started on it when DD was around 10 days old. Couldn't feed without crying the pain was so great. I had seen the breast feeding counsellors and a lovely midwife and HV who all agreed latch was fine, and thought it was thrush.

The breast feeding network leaflet is great, I showed to the GP and he gave me the dose suggested there. I needed two courses, but was thrush free by 5 ish weeks. I knowit seems scary giving them meds, even indirectly, like this, when they are so tiny, but for me, I would not have made it to 5 weeks still breast feeding if I hadn't had it treated.

I used the gel in her mouth too. She is now 10 months and still breast feeding!

But definitely get the latch checked, and having seen an expert will give you more to negotiate with with the GP. The first GP I was insisted it was mastitis... Armed with leaflet and expert view, I got treated.

Good luck!

NeverKnowinglyUnderstood Fri 03-Feb-12 10:22:03

DS1 was about 3 weeks old.
I wouldn't hesitate to do it at whatever age tbh.

whosthis Thu 15-Nov-12 17:31:32

Had antibiotics twice at week 1 & 2. I suppose thrush was developed around the end of week2 but didn't realize till week 4. Withstood enormous pain on both breasts and the nipples (worst) for two weeks. GP first treated it as mastitis (I suspect he intended to ignore the possibility of thrush) and prescribed the 3rd time antibiotics...

Saw the breastfeeding support team and was told it's thrush. Rang the GP telling them the midwife confirmed so and finally got fluoconazole.

But, yes, my baby is only 4 weeks old... A bit concerned, especially on the leaflet of fluoconazole it's printed clearly - not for pregnant or bf women!

But what else could I do? The 1st month after birth, I have never been pain free. I hardly had more than a few days when I could straighten my back...

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