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Help out a feeding pickle!

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Beccarollo Sat 15-Nov-03 10:31:50

I have got myself into a bit of a mess with my feeding and would appreciate advice, I was on the verge of giving up but I feel gutted when I think of not breastfeeding so want to rescue it! BUT I also at this point want to introduce combined feeding Breast and Bottle (EBM or formula) as Im finding myself more and more having to leave Harvey for a couple of hours and end up getting terrible engorged so would rather have it in place where I know which feeds he is getting from bottle.

The couple of occassions I have left him I feel (rightly or wrongly) have affected my supply I think this is because Im not fastidious enough about expressing when Im missing feeds, I presume this sends the message that I dont need the milk anymore!

Im feeding harvey as usual but he is only going an hour between feeds sometimes yet if he has bottle he will go 3-4, even if its EBM and doesnt seem settled and when I offer the breast again he turns his nose up as if he has a horrible taste in his mouth!
He also loses interest in the boob very quickly in a feed so is only feeding for a few minutes before turning away and refusing more. He then cries and I eliminate everything else and realise he is hungry, offer him boob again but NO!! then try a bottle and YES!!! grrr


popsycal Sat 15-Nov-03 10:55:22

I felt the same and as a result stopped breastfeeding gradually and altoether by the time ds was about 12 weeks
wish i hadnt cos i actually enjoyed it and so did ds (i think)
i had exactly the same issues as you - but also DS was ill when born and i was obsessed with him not being dehydrated and as he took more from the bottle, that kind of swayed me a bit
he also got very chubby,........gorgeous tho!
just thought i would share my similar experience

mears Sun 16-Nov-03 22:38:24

Beccarollo - you are just having a confidence wobbler. Babies often take bottles with gusto and will take them straight after a breast feed even though they are not hungry. This is what kills your confidence. He takes the bottle because it is something different. Just like when you are full after a main course. You don't think you can eat another thing then the sweet arrives. Suddenly you have room. I would keep the bottles away from him for a few days. He may be showing less interest because he is able to feed much more quickly. Some babies can take their entire feed in less than 5 minutes. Soetimes they want much longer feeds. Don't read too much into it.

Please do not think that you have to combine breast and bottle to get time away on your own.You can miss individual feeds without it affecting your supply when it is established (as yours obviously is). Babies can also go for a number of hours without a feed even though they are breastfed.

You are doing a great job and will be able to get back on track really quickly. How old is Harvey now?

Beccarollo Sun 16-Nov-03 23:14:37

He is just over 10 weeks now.

You say dont feel I have to combine feed to get time away, is this really true? At the risk of sounding selfish can I still do it if Im wanting to leave Harvey once a week or so for a few hours regularly. I thouht that because Im repeatedly missing feeds supply is dwindling.

Reading the other thread about similiar problems I may give fenugreek a go - might help me psychologically if nothing else.

Im bidding on a double pump by ameda on ebay at the moment, hopefully if I get that I can get back into expressing properly and at least make sure that when he does have bottles he is having EBM in them as Ive been giving him formula quite a bit recently

mears Mon 17-Nov-03 16:46:37

At 10 weeks your supply is well established and will cope with a few missed feeds. I regularly left my babies because I was working and I didn't always have time to express. Babies can go for longer than an hour without a breastfeed. Just have confidence in yourself. And have a life

Eva3 Mon 17-Nov-03 23:39:53

Sorry to jump into this thread with a similar but not identical question (hope you don't mind Baccarollo). My baby, now 11weeks, refuses the bottle - she essentially goes on hunger strike but does not get upset or cry , she plays with the bottle and pushes it out with her toungue, and just has an onze (max), but settles for her long lunch sleep. I am worried because she is on a very precise schedule, the 7-7 routine ,and if she misses her 11am feed, she gets nothing until 2pm. It also makes me nervous about leaving her in case she does get hungry. She has been taking a bottle from a night nurse twice a week, and still does, but even with her she is starting to protest. I amusing Avent bottles and think perhaps I should try the Haberman feeding bottle, as it is supposed to give the baby more control over the flow of the milk. Any ideas on this? Also, is it true that if I introduce a bottle of formula into my baby's routine, she will get lots of wind and constipation, making her more unsettled at night (this is what my night nurse said).

mears Tue 18-Nov-03 08:52:29

Introducing formula can cause problems like the ones your night nurse describes. Exclusive breast feeding is best however, you can give formula and still continue to feed. I personally did not want to give my babies formula so chose not too. Many mums on here have managed to successfully combine feeds. Some have found problems continuing B/F after introducing regular formula feeds. Since your baby seems to be in such a routine I don't understand why you would want to introduce formula really.
As far as teats go, variflow teats are quite good with B/F babies because they can control the flow. Maws resolve teats are good.

Eva3 Tue 18-Nov-03 21:30:30

I was thinking she may be a very hungry baby and that formula may make her sleep through the night. My first slept through the night at 7 weeks. My second DD is thriving on Bmilk and I enjoy feeding her so much that I have no plans to stop. I just want to be able to leave her occasionally... Someone told me about NUK bottles today. Planning to try a few out to see...Why is BF solely for first 6 months best?

RaLePe Wed 19-Nov-03 09:33:24

I have been successfully mixed feeding since my ds was 3 weeks (now 12 weeks). To be honest I think I may have given up before now if I hadn't. It has been very successful (using Nuk bottles - far easier for baby than Avent).

First introduce bottle (expressed or formula) at last night feed (10-11pm) and express at this time while your partner is giving the bottle. After this is established the next stage would be to replace the 10am feed with a bottle. Lastly the 2pm feed would be replaced. I am on stage two of this and need to return to work soon which is the main reason I have to replace the daytime feeds. I haven't been expressing the 10am feed and my supply has adjusted accordingly. Just leaked a bit initially.

If your supply is dwindling, Becorrallo, which if he is feeding more it may be (or having a growth spurt), just go with it for a while and try and be more consistent in which feeds you miss. "from contented baby to confident child" (Gina Ford) gives a routine for both increasing supply and for mixed feeding. It's worked for me.

bundle Wed 19-Nov-03 10:22:17

we've had a lot of success with the Playtex disposable need to use bags with the bottle holder but the teats are more nipple-shaped! independent chemists stock them, but you may need to search a bit.

popsycal Wed 19-Nov-03 18:21:35

i used nuk for afew months and my sis still uses nuk with her 18 mth old
another friend used nuk with prem baby who wouldnt take milk from any other bottle
superdrug is cheapest

ANGELMOTHER Wed 19-Nov-03 18:54:32

Not much advice Becca, that's what Mears is best at, just encouragement. I regularily leave dd2 once to twice a week for a few hours, for my sanity rather than anything else and she has survived on the ebm I've left and I haven't felt too much disruption in milk supply. I try to express every day halve to a full feed and freeze it. I'm building up quite a stock, (getting ready for a big day shopping in London ).
Give youself a break but don't give up, little Harveys' feeds will settle down into routine soon, you're probably sick of hearing growth spurt

Perhaps like Mears says avoid the bottle for a while, they do have less work with bottles getting the milk so maybe that's why he seems to prefer it.
Get that pump, express every day for a week and hit the town (Just wear black)

Beccarollo Thu 20-Nov-03 08:41:47


Good news!!! Hes back fully on the breast and seems to be enjoying it again - I have been having a bit of a baby moon and offering the boob whenever I can and expressing in between and I definitely feel supply is up again now.

Mears, I think you were right about confidence, with one thing or another thats going on at the moment my confidence took a nose dive but Im feeling so much better about it now Ive rescued it.


mears Thu 20-Nov-03 09:12:37

Glad to hear you have got your 'pickle' sorted out. You are doing so well and maybe just need to chill a little and go woth the flow (no pun intended)

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