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how much milk once eating three meals a day?

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nello Tue 25-Oct-11 13:44:26

My dd is nearing 8months and eats 3 meals a day (some days hungrier than others), but no snacks as of yet. I know the basic rule is they need 600ml of milk a day to compliment the meals, but as I BF I am not sure how much she is getting. How many feeds should I do a day along side meals? I have always been on a loose routine with her, feeding every 3 hours more or less, but I am hoping to calm this down as difficult to fit in along with meals and naps?! I am hoping to move her onto formula in the next couple of months, though using a sippy cup as she hates the bottle, but I am worried about her getting enough milk and being hungry in the night and waking up wanting to feed. Currently she wakes twice in the night on average and I feed her both times, but i have no idea whether this is for comfort or hunger. I'm really confused by this new stage of moving into food and decreasing milk, just as I had got the hang of breast feeding smile....please help!!

4madboys Tue 25-Oct-11 13:47:49

i think by 9mths 4 bfeeds a day would be fine smile

and they can have cheese/yog etc as well which counts towards milk intake.

my boys were all milk monsters and the middle two bfed loads until over one, then 4 and 5 were formula fed, ds4 loved his milk, dd not so much she has about 16-20oz a day depending, she has been having 4 bottles of 4oz now for a while and she is 10mths smile

and feeding during the night normal at her age, i wouldnt worry about it at all smile

RitaMorgan Tue 25-Oct-11 13:50:22

I think at about 8 months my ds had 4 breastfeeds in the day (first thing, mid-morning, mid-afternoon and bedtime) and 1 in the night. I dropped the nightfeed around then though and he continued to have 4 milk feeds a day until well over a year, though eventually I swapped them for cups of cow milk.

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