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going back to work next week, does 8 month old need milk in the day?

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mendipgirl Tue 25-Oct-11 12:33:26

Going back to work 2 days a week next week. DD2 is 8 months old and is currently fed (BF) after breakfast, mid afternoon, bedtime and dream-feed when I go to bed, occasionally wakes in night as well, if teething/cold etc. She has 3 solid meals as well and is a really good eater.

I'm not sure whether to ask Grand Parents to give her a bottle mid afternoon or just to stop feeding her then as she is taking less and less and get's easily distracted and struggles to take a bottle from others, but takes it from me.

I am thinking of asking them to give her a snack and some water instead as she loves solids and this will be easier for them, but worried that only 3 feeds a day is too little at this stage?

Any advice???

MedicalEd Tue 25-Oct-11 14:23:46

I asked my excellent health visitor this last week as my DD is 8 months and I am going back to work next week.
She said they need one pint a day roughly. Obviously you don't know how much they are getting during a breastfeed but I am sticking with the mid-pm feed as my DD has not completely dropped her mid-morning one let alone the pm one.
She still has one feed overnight too.
They should be having vitamin drops too after six months just in case they are not getting one pint a day. I haven't started them yet but might do before I go back to work.

1catherine1 Tue 25-Oct-11 16:20:53

DD is 7mo now and I went back to work over a month ago. Quite simply she never wanted the bottle during the day. She did to begin with but then she realized I was only out for 8 hours she stopped and waited for me to come home. She now feeds throughout the day when I'm home and when I'm not she fills herself on solids and water. HV said lots of words without saying much (as usual) but said we should make sure she have dairy to make up for anything missing. So she has yoghurt as a pudding to her afternoon meals. She does stay up later now though and sleep more during the day. I'm sure she's getting just as much milk.

Nobody mentioned anything to me about vitamin drops though and tbh I would take a lot of convincing of it. Not a believer in artificial vitamins. No real reason apart from thinking if someone's diet is good there should be no need for them. IYSWIM.

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