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Formula for babysitting time

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Jhas Tue 25-Oct-11 12:03:41

Hi there, My DS is 7 weeks old and my fiance and i have a number of weddings/birthdays that we would like to attend but have had problems gauging how much milk he'll need. I express but never manage to get more than 30ml a day and so it takes a week to save up what i would hope is a night's worth but he can suck away the whole lot in 10mins! I worry about leaving him with granny in case she runs out of food. So i was thinking of using formula for that sort of situation, but worried that combining use might be detrimental? Has anyone done this and what were the results?

hiss42 Tue 25-Oct-11 12:23:44

Heya smile
I was in labour on my 21st birthday, so when DS was 4 weeks old me and DP went out and had (quite a few) too many. Obviously my milk was not going to be any good so I didn't want to feed DS for 12 hours after I'd drank so I fed him at 11pm before we went out, then again at 3pm the next day.
In between my mum gave him either expressed breast milk I had frozen or formula. He took it fine! Does your ds have milk from a bottle anyway? Mine didn't care it was formula, as long as it was warm. Think it helped it wasn't me giving it to him aswell.

I asked on here and everyone said it affects your supply, but we've done this several times and been fine, it's only the odd night. You may wish to express a bit off before you go to bed to make yourself comfortable though, I didn't the first time and woke up at 10am with bulging boobs!

We also bought a big tub of aptimil so we could just have it in the cupboard, then someone told me formula can only be kept for 4 weeks! which i didn't know. There is no way you'll need a tub if its just for the odd night, so just get 4 or 5 pre-made cartons! That will be more than enough!

I don't combine feed any other time than if I've been out drinking, which is the only reason DS has ever stayed at my mums!

TheBloodCountessBathory Tue 25-Oct-11 12:29:05

I left cartons of formula for Granny to use when we went out as I never got the hang of expressing. When DD was tiny we only ever went out for a few hours and she usually slept during that time. When she was older she flat out refused bottles so I usually had to feed her when I got home anyway (she had some fairly boozy breastmilk on occasion blush but it doesn't seem to have done her any harm).

BertieBotts Tue 25-Oct-11 12:34:24

It won't make any difference to you if he has breastmilk or formula, it's just how you feel about it personally.

If he is under 6 months you will probably find that you have to express on the nights that you are out in order to keep your supply stimulated. It's up to you whether you keep this to feed to him or not smile Somewhere between 6 and 9 months I found I didn't need to do this any more and my supply would be fine even if I missed a feed.

If you're going out drinking but intend to feed when you get back, that's fine too - alcohol only crosses over to breastmilk in minute amounts. You'd have to be paraletic for your milk to be about 0.7% proof - the same as old fashioned gripe water! Just obviously make sure you don't co sleep after drinking.

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