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Love bfeeding but finding the commitment harder with second DC

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reddaisy Mon 24-Oct-11 22:22:46

I love breastfeeding and part from a few teething problems with DD (now 3) it was great but with DS (3 weeks) I am finding the commitment a bit harder.

No problems at all with it, he is a great feeder and I am more confident second time around.

But with DD at least I could sit down and enjoy it and her now I often find myself doing it in random places whilst supervising and being the one up in the night and then up all day with DD is tough too, with her I slept when she slept!

I have no intention of stopping, despite what I thought at 4am today, but just wanted to grumble/share I suppose!

Although it is nice when in the still of the night DS and I have the connection of bfeeding as DD is fast asleep and sometimes it is the only time I actually can relax and enjoy the bond.

DP is great but this is the one thing he can't help out with and I don't want to express yet.

Restrainedrabbit Mon 24-Oct-11 22:27:36

I've bf all three of mine (not looking for a medal just a personal choice smile ) so I get where you are coming from smile but ff brings it's own challenges with the sterilising etc. Feeding a dc2 newborn is hard regardless of choice of method? Hang in there it does get easier, Cbeebies is your friend! How old is DD? Make sure you go to bed early so you get enough hours in and delegate any other chores to do/dh where you can.

juneau Mon 24-Oct-11 22:31:51

I found the early days of BFing DS2 quite hard too, but it gets easier once they feed quicker and less frequently. My older child got quite resentful the amount of time I was sitting on the sofa with his little brother, but looking back it wasn't for that long and I never contemplated stopping either. Just think - if you bottle fed you'd be faffing about with bottles in the kitchen in the middle of the night. At least with BFing you just stick them on the boob, burp them and put them back down again.

reddaisy Mon 24-Oct-11 22:33:10

I'm too lazy to ff if nothing else as I love my bed too much to haul myself out of it to do bottles in the night.

DD is 2.9 and she is acting up a bit too, DS is waking up now so off to feed him!

mawbroon Mon 24-Oct-11 22:47:44

I learned to feed ds2 on the go in a sling. There was minimal disruption to ds1 once I got the hang of it.

If ds2 was quiet and in the sling, it was almost like one to one time with ds1, and I barely noticed how often ds2 fed.

But, come the evenings, after ds1 was in bed, I used to sit on the sofa and cuddle/feed ds2 til bedtime. That's when I felt we got our special time to enjoy it.

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