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How may ounces for nine-week-old per feed?

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stopgap Mon 24-Oct-11 22:12:25

I'm expressing once a day (I get roughly four ounces) and breastfeeding otherwise. Last night my little man was ravenous, and literally went from left breast to right breast, repeat, for three hours straight. It didn't feel like comfort suckling, but who knows.

Then this morning, I had a friend look after him for two hours while I ran some much-needed errands. I'd just finished breastfeeding him before I left, and not an hour later he devours 6 oz of expressed breast milk, followed by another decent feed pretty much as soon as I got back. The wind he had in the early weeks has all but gone, and he rarely spits-up.

Is it possible for a nine-week-old boy to consume 6 ounces or more at a feed? That seems like an extraordinary amount. I have no clue about his current length/weight, but at six weeks he was 23.5 inches and nine pounds eight ounces.

AnxiousElephant Mon 24-Oct-11 22:19:07

It is probably a growth spurt so don't worry. When you bf they take different amounts at each feed so sometimes they need a drink and others a more substantial long feed, therefore the duration and quantity varies. DS probably just fed loads because it is easier from a bottle than the breast. I would not express and just feed on demand because if he requires more he needs to feed more to boost supply smile. Go with the flow so to speak smile As long as the weight is going on and he is having lots of wet/dirty nappies there is no problem.

stopgap Mon 24-Oct-11 22:32:35

Yes, lots of dirty nappies (4-6 a day, plus several just wet). He is a very long baby, really alert and strong, and his legs and face are chubbing up nicely, but his arms and torso still seem quite wee.

Would it be advisable to hold off expressing for the rest of the week, but resume next week, say, when everything has calmed down a bit?

AnxiousElephant Tue 25-Oct-11 22:29:49

Can I ask why you do express? From a logical pov it creates more work than is needed. Is it not easier to just feed the baby when he needs feeding? confused and perhaps just express if you want to go out for the night or something? Babies suckling action helps to stimulate milk flow and production and unfortunately they are the most efficient at removing that milk....... no machine will be that efficient. smile

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