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Expressing - how much to give 5-week-old?

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AppleyEverAfter Mon 24-Oct-11 15:56:42

I am leaving DD with my mum tomorrow while I get some dental treatment and want to leave a bottle in case she gets hungry. I have expressed into two bags, 3oz each. Will 6oz be enough for a feed? And is there a definitive chart somewhere with ages and amounts on, or is this not an exact science and should I stop worrying?

AppleyEverAfter Mon 24-Oct-11 15:57:15

She weighs about 9.5lbs BTW.

lilham Mon 24-Oct-11 16:02:38

There is a calculator on on how much EBM you need per feed. Can't link because I'm on my phone. But you should be able to find it via googling.

AutumnWitch Mon 24-Oct-11 16:03:54

Difficult to tell, unless you've measured her normal amount. It isn't an exact science as all babies are different and their appetite changes from day to day. FF quantities are not a good guide to compare with.

That said, it should be fine if she gets hungry, even if it's not quite enough, you'll be back and ready to feed her pretty quickly.

Hope the dental work isn't too nasty!

MigGril Mon 24-Oct-11 16:59:17

Have a look on the kellymom website, the calcuator is good. On average a BF baby only need's about 4oz a feed (although this does vary depending on how often they feed). So 6oz should be more then enough.

Good luck with this dental work. I can't stand the dentist.

nannyl Mon 24-Oct-11 17:58:33

at 5 weeks and 2 days, my 8.5lb baby (this was last friday) after over an hour of breast feeding guzzled down 6oz.
She had 4oz first but was still hungry so downed another 2 oz [shoc]

(and guzzled another 4oz dream feed about 3 hours later) I was shocked and horrifed as she had fed well all afternoon and had been feeding really well for the hour + before taking that amount of milk...

i was shocked she could take soooo much too

AppleyEverAfter Mon 24-Oct-11 21:07:45

Thanks all, looks like 6oz will be plenty. Now here's hoping she will actually take a bottle if she's hungry!

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