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Weak latch

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Conkertree Sun 23-Oct-11 18:01:41

Am bf 4 week old ds3. I bf the first two for about 14 months each, so I feel like I should know what i'm doing, but this time round seems a bit harder.

Is there such a thing as a weak latch? Just feels like he is quite often not fully latched on. Am not worried about weight gain - he's doing fine in that department, so in some ways its not really a problem, but I just remember that with the other two, once they were on using the opposite hand from the feeding side, I could then swap arms and mostly just leave them to feed away.

With ds3, as soon as I swap arms, he seems to lose the latch. Just reaaly interested to see if others have experienced the same thing, and if it improves in time.

Conkertree Mon 24-Oct-11 09:44:48


ObviouslyOblivious Mon 24-Oct-11 09:52:09

Yes. With my DS I had to support his head, my breast and remain in the initial latch position for the whole feed. This continued until his head control developed, and life got much easier once he learnt to feed lying down. He is much better now at 9 months, but I still support my breast to make sure it doesn't slip. FWIW I've always suspected he has a tongue tie, but HCPs have never been able to diagnose one.

MigGril Mon 24-Oct-11 12:36:36

He's still very small, DS was a little like this for the first 6week's or so untill he had better head control. He also had a milded tounge tie, but this didn't impact on feeding in the long run.

As long as he's gaining weight well and your not soure at all then probably nothing to worry to much about.

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