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My very sleepy newborn....2.5wks in & she's still mega sleepy. Any advice??

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icravecheese Sun 23-Oct-11 12:38:04

Hi All,

I posted a few weeks ago when I'd brought my DD home from hospital. She'd lost 9% birth weight, had tongue tie cut at 3 days, & was basically a very sleepy baby & was proving difficult to wake for a feed & keep awake for a feed.

Well, I persevered with the midwives advice of waking her every 3hours during the day (I start to stir her after 2.5hrs) & by day 7 or 8 she was showing good improvement - she was starting to wake on her own for some of her feeds, she is still going a good 4 hours at night (I set my alarm to make sure she sleeps no more than 4hours at a time).

My question / concern is, she is still VERy sleepy, she is now 16days old & has had some days (eg thurs & fri of this last week) when she has been very hungry & fed for 3 hours constantly. But last night & today she has reverted back to Little Miss Sleepyhead. She has plenty of nice wet nappies & 2 or 3 big yellow mustardy poo's per day.

This is my 3rd baby, & I wonder if I'm just fussing / stressing un-necessarily? Has anyone else given birth to a perfectly formed, little sleepyhead? Sounds daft, but I worry something is up - it seems so alien to me to have a baby who doesnt wake much or fuss or cry or scream.....does anyone have any advice / can they reassure???! Thanks x

icravecheese Sun 23-Oct-11 12:40:04

oh ps, last time she was weighed (day 11) she was back up to only 3.5% birth weight loss (from 9% on day 3), so she seems to be gaining weight slowly but steadily. She is being weighed again on tues (day 18)...

grubbalo Sun 23-Oct-11 14:26:13

Hi there

No tips really, but just wanted to say my 11 day old (also DC3) is identical to this. I am so used to my previous 2 who fed all the time, barely dropped any birthweight, were terrible sleepers - this one is so, so different. The only thing that is obviously different is that this one is a girl!

While she keeps (slowly) putting on weight I'm not going to worry too much, but it is very odd!

icravecheese Sun 23-Oct-11 15:11:37

Thanks grubbalo, nice to know my sleepyhead isn't the only sleepy girl around! I have HV tues so might mention it. then, but.she may well have decided to wake up again by then!

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