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any doctors out there who can advise me?

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Breatheout Sun 23-Oct-11 09:11:12

I am still bf'ing my DD at 9 months. However, now she is eating solids, I only really feed her in the morning and one during the day at some stage. Two weeks ago I had the Minera (sp?) coil fitted. I hated it and had really bad cramps and bleeding. So I went to get it taken out. When I went to get it taken out the doc said it had moved and this was probably the reason for the pain. Anyway, today I have got what looks like my period. I don't know whether it is actually my period (all other symptoms are there) or if it is bleeding related to coil complications. I am not sure what to do, whether to use a tampon etc. I am going away on Monday so I won't be able to visit my GP which I know is the sensible thing to do.
Got myself in a bit of a muddle and would really appreciate any help!

hazchem Sun 23-Oct-11 09:17:59

Hi ya,
not a dr but if you have unusual bleeding why not call NHS direct 0845 46 47. They are very helpful and can help find an out of hours doctor if you need one.
Hope it's nothing!

TheRealMBJ Sun 23-Oct-11 10:23:34

Call NHS direct and discuss it with them.

If you think it is your period and you have all the symptoms of your period and the bleeding seems to be in keeping with your period. It probably is your period.

MigGril Mon 24-Oct-11 17:11:41

Err if you have pain and they say the coil has moved you should have this checked out at the hospital. Not to panic you or anthing but this happen to me and it turned out the coil had perferated my woum. It's a know compliation and more likely to happen if your still BF and haven't had any periods as the lining of the woum is thinner then normal.

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