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DS gone off one side!

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JeewizzJen Sat 22-Oct-11 10:42:19

My 16wo DS doesn't want to feed from my right boob for some reason! Every time I put him near he arches his back, but if I put him to the left he's fine. The only time I've managed to get him on is if I catch him unawares when he's still dopey from sleep (so been ok at night). He's got a cold, so I wonder if that's why? I've tried different positions but nothing has worked! Any advice at all, before my right boob bursts??!

Thank you!

flowerfairy Sat 22-Oct-11 16:43:42

Maybe he is suffering from earache and doesn't like being in that side? My DD had afussy stage when she was about 2 weeks and although she didn't have a cold i did wonder if it was her ears that were the problem. I ended up rugby tackle position on that boob until she settled down after a week. Just keep trying that side at each feed in your normal position. You say you have tried different positions, so maybe it isn't that. But you will have to express from that side. Sorry i can't be of any more help. Hope it resolves itself soon.

SpannerPants Sat 22-Oct-11 18:04:58

My DS has been the same this week (he's 14 weeks), it improved when I gave him some calpol (he was also grizzly, dribbling and had flushed cheeks so I thought he was teething). Might be worth a try?

JeewizzJen Sat 22-Oct-11 18:41:41

Thanks both, I've managed a couple of sneaky sleep-dopey feeds on that side today, but I think the pump may have to come out! And I do hate pumping... I may well try the calpol too!

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