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Need to express 6oz by 4 O'clock tomorrow without DS going without - help!

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lilbitneurotic Fri 21-Oct-11 20:05:15

As title really, anyone any ideas when the best times to express without my DS noticing would be? Panicking a little sad

PenguinArmy Fri 21-Oct-11 20:11:25

an hour after a feed. Will need a few pumping sessions I imagine.

lilbitneurotic Fri 21-Oct-11 20:13:50

Thanks PenguinArmy - will try that, hoping I can do it 3 or 4 times before I have to leave him. Just hope it doesn't reduce what he's getting in the meantime.

fraktious Fri 21-Oct-11 20:14:15

How old is your DS and how frequently does he feed?

fraktious Fri 21-Oct-11 20:15:37

It won't reduce what he gets as your breasts will make more as he feeds.

Do you normally feed from one side or both? If only one then try pumping the other as he feeds.

SazZaVoom Fri 21-Oct-11 20:16:23

Pump at the same time as you feed, and once in between feeds if you can.

PenguinArmy Fri 21-Oct-11 20:17:47

just to clarify that was a suggestion, not a fact. sorry have ds in hand so not waffling as much as normal.

also agree with frak on both counts (i) don't worry about him and (ii) if he's a one side feeder then during or just after a feed.

lilbitneurotic Fri 21-Oct-11 20:25:09

He normally is a one-sider but sometimes decides he'll take some from the other. He's 11 weeks and normally feeds every 3-4 hrs during the day and 6 hours at night.

Mom050811 Sat 22-Oct-11 19:28:07

What is ds ds1 ds2 and dd???

SarahScot Sat 22-Oct-11 19:48:11

ds = darling son
dd = darling daughter
ds1 = darling son 1

There is a full list somewhere on the site.

HTH (= hope that helps wink)

licoriceGreen Sat 22-Oct-11 20:32:37

Here's the list smile

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