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extended breastfeeding

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paperscissorsstonelizzardspock Fri 21-Oct-11 13:41:33

i have a dd of nearly 11 months and i would like to reduce feeds gradually until she is only having her bedtime feed. i was wondering if anyone had any experience of feeding a dc only once a day, i have heard that around 2 dcs can get a bit 'grabby' and demanding and that it is putting me off continuing even though i would love to continue for ages if it was something that we could limit to the daily feed. thank you for any experience and advice.

MigGril Fri 21-Oct-11 14:02:32

There is no reasion why you couldn't limit feeding to once a day. Droping one feed at a time is usealy adviced, so you don't have any problems.

I think it's upto you, I did teach DD not to feed when we where out and about around 1year. She'd have a drink and snak instead. She was fine with this and only ever had more when she was ill.

She didn't drop down till one feed a day untill she was 2 but that was our choice as I was quit happy to carry on feeding.

paperscissorsstonelizzardspock Fri 21-Oct-11 14:29:03

thanks, dd is going to nursery when she is 2 and so am happy to continue to feed before naps etc and she no longer is fed out and about, i have just heard stories about toddlers pulling their dm boobs out and demanding milk when they get older even they have been cut down successfully previously, but if it has worked well for you then that gives me confidence, thanks

Harecare Fri 21-Oct-11 14:33:39

It's what I did with DDs. They could have tried to grab my top etc, but in the same way as if they try to help themselves in the kitchen they would be told a firm no, I wouldn't have allowed it. Simple as that.

paperscissorsstonelizzardspock Fri 21-Oct-11 14:55:28

good news, as i said i've heard stories about dcs unable to accept 'no' without an awful fuss, not a problem as such but if that is going to be a feature of having an evening breast feed tbh i don't think it's worth it, doesn't seem the case with you two so no probs smile

MigGril Fri 21-Oct-11 23:30:03

I think it's like everything else with toddlers if your consitant then they know what to exprect. If one day you let them feed then one day you don't you just confusse them.

Not saying you woun't get some who are more presitant but DD just new not to expect it when out. I would always offer something else instead though, like I said snak and or drink.

Lucyannieamy Sat 22-Oct-11 00:02:03

DD is 17mnth now and we had out last Bf at 16months. At 10mnth I stopped day time feeds, I went back to work. she had formula, then cows 10am & 3pm. I fed 7pm, 2-3am, 6am (ish). Dropped the 3am around 11mnths (my choice, hard one that, but then she slept thru), 15mnths one morning she woke late and didn't ask, that was the end of that. 16months bedtime took milk beaker up for story time, she drank it, asked once for booby, no, ok, that was the end of that. No top grabbing. Me sad. (I wanted to stop so I have body rest before %232).

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