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reverse cycling?

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chloeb2002 Thu 20-Oct-11 21:23:26

Ok.. exhausted now.. dd 8 1/2 months has decided that she really doesnt fancy bf during the day much, she will have a short feed at about 9 am and again at 2 pm.. then a bit of a cluster feed at 5-7 pm.. then she will sleep till about 10 pm. then feeds every hour to two hours over night...I am co sleeping although in some ways i'd like to get herinto her cot ( she goes in from 7pm till she wakes for number one feed. I addition.. she has been fighting an ear infection now for 5 weeks ( 2 lots of anti bugs and still no better) and she has a lovely rattly chest so is a bit spluttery... and of course teeth.. panadol and ibuprofen make no difference. I am trying to offer her water during the day, and really want to keep bf till she is 12 months old so i'm reluctant to try some formular during the day but maybe she would drink that.. on the go... so to speak.... she isnt great at drinking out of non spill beakers although got better while i was back at work .. ( currently on leave for the last 8 weeks ,long story) Sooo..... ideas... dd 1 bf till 12 months then part formular part bf ( mostly o/n) for a further 6 months. Ds bf for 6 months then i went back to work and it was too hard to express etc and he decided he liked bottles ... easier.... suggestions .. please..

Secondtimelucky Thu 20-Oct-11 21:56:11

I assume you've tried feeding her in quiet locations with few distractions? Lying down can be good because it's all cosy too (CBeebies or whatever is your friend for any older ones, or whatever else if they're older). And offering frequently?

On the co-sleeping, have you looked at No Cry Sleep Solution? I seem to remember that had some good gentle suggestions for cutting down night feeds whilst co-sleeping (mostly involving 'playing asleep iirc).

chloeb2002 Thu 20-Oct-11 22:39:15

nope will look up the no cry sleep solution.. I'm probably just a bit "fragile" atm.. bad stuff at work. dentist drilled my tooth yesterday... on top of DD being "unsettled" ... sighs.... sadly ds .. 3 1/2 has some learning delay and is high maintainance.. so even when i go upstairs to feed dd he shortly follows and jumps on the bed etc... but i do love cbeebies...she does feed a bit better when ds is at kindy.. and was taking two beakers of ebm while i was at work... will continue.. yawns...
I do offer every couple of housr .. she tends to have a couple of sucks then stops.. by which time i have let down and then sore boobs till she eventually feeds!
She is a very healthy bub other than her snot stuff.. 98th centile for weight and 85th for height.. so thriving well... looked at her gums today and she does have two teeth cutting.. maybe im just pushing it...

1catherine1 Thu 20-Oct-11 22:56:54

Sounds a little like my DD - she's nearly 7mo. I'm exhausted with it so you have my sympathies with you having to deal with 2 extra on top! Although my DD has chosen to reverse cycle due to a boob preference as I'm at work all day.

A shame you are becoming uncomfortable with it. To me it sounds like she is sucking for comfort though rather than because she is hungry since you say she has a few sucks and goes to sleep. My DD does that now and tbh I just figure that it is a mixture of 2 things - 1) She misses me while I'm out at work all day and wants to keep me close and 2) She's teething and sucking cheers her up.

Hope it gets better soon.

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