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fussing when feeding from one side

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SpannerPants Thu 20-Oct-11 11:18:23

DS is 14 weeks and EBF, after some problems getting him to latch to start with we started using nipple shields on the guidance of a BFC and are still using them with no problems so far.

At the weekend he had a bit of a cold and so was grumpy and feeding more frequently (I had a sore throat so thought he probably felt the same), and since then he's been very reluctant to feed from the right breast. He with latch on for a couple of minutes then start fussing, popping on and off every 30 seconds or so after a couple of swallows.

I've tried taking him off and winding him, and just taking him off the breast thinking he could be finished with feeding, but he just cries and sounds hungry. When I then put him to the left breast, he latches on straight away and feeds properly. There has been no problem getting him to feed from the left side, but the only time he will feed properly from the right side is in the middle of the night.

I've tried doing breast compressions, thinking maybe the flow isn't fast enough and he's trying to stimulate another let down, but this doesn't seem to help either!

I had a blocked duct on the right side on Tuesday and ended up having to use a pump + massage/hot shower to clear it as DS wouldn't feed for long enough to help.

I know there's milk there, last night I expressed while DP gave DS a bottle of EBM (as per our bedtime routine for the last 10 weeks) and got almost 3oz out of each side in 10 minutes. I know his latch isn't brilliant but because of the shields, it's impossible to get him to latch on properly and I've tried weaning from the shields but he just won't open his mouth to just my nipple - instead he just licks it, which is exactly what he did when he was just born and wouldn't feed!

I'm hoping this is just a phase but would really appreciate any tips in order to get him feeding properly again! Thank you and sorry for the essay.

JiltedJohnsGhoulie Thu 20-Oct-11 13:32:40

OP I'm not trained and don't have experience of nipple shields so am probably not much use. I did have a problem with DS refusing one breast though but he was much younger. Just wondering if you had tried different holds like the rugby hold or do you think it might be oversupply?

SpannerPants Thu 20-Oct-11 16:29:41

He's been really grizzly so I gave him some calpol and since then he's fed from the right with no problem! I wonder if he's teething (MIL keeps telling me DP had teeth at 12 weeks) and maybe it was hurting his gums at that angle. Good idea to try different positions though, I'll give it a go!

JiltedJohnsGhoulie Thu 20-Oct-11 19:56:42

The Dentinox gel seemed to help mine when they were teething too Spanner and I've got some friends who swear by those teething necklaces but never tried them with my DC.

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