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18 month old - back on the boob in the daytimes and more at night for the last few days

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TheBloodCountessBathory Wed 19-Oct-11 18:12:57

Has anyone experienced this? DD had got to the point where she had a nap time feed if in the house (if out then goes off without), a bedtime feed, a middle of the night feed and an early morning feed. Writing it down it seems like a lot but actually I was quite happy with this (she sleeps in my bed).

For the last couple of days she has been wanting more daytime feeds, she is off her food and for the last two night she has been driving me mad with latching on and off constantly and sitting up in bed. She doesn't seem ill at all. Any suggestions?

EauRouge Wed 19-Oct-11 18:48:20

Could be any number of reasons- teething, developmental spurt, she might be coming down with something but it just hasn't become apparent yet, it could be another stage of separation anxiety, a change in situation (new house, going back to work, anything like that?)... I would be inclined to go with the flow and see what happens, she could be over it in a week or two. It sounds like you're doing a great job so I wouldn't be too worried smile

TheBloodCountessBathory Wed 19-Oct-11 20:13:16

Thanks Eau - there have been a lot of changes recently (the two you mentioned in fact!), she is going through a very "mummy" phase (although fine when I'm not there!)

Just having a moan really - I am coming to terms with the fact that we will probably carry on until she weans herself (am such a softie I can't bear the thought of her little face if I ever refused her a feed blush) but some days (and nights) are very hard work!

EauRouge Thu 20-Oct-11 09:39:02

Ah yes, that is totally normal as well grin It's OK to not love every single minute! I am planning to let DD1 self wean. She just turned 3. Some days I wish she would just bog off and leave me alone for 10 minutes, but most days I am really, really glad to be still BF because it's a great parenting tool for when they're ill or having a tantrum.

There's a really good book called "Breastfeeding Older Children" that you might like to read, it's all about natural term breastfeeding/self-weaning.

Is there a LLL group near you? You might meet other mums that are BF toddlers so you can have a good old moan on the bad days without someone saying "why don't you just wean then". They also might have a copy of BFOC that you can borrow.

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