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is this normal? breast pain, 5 week old baby

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nannyl Wed 19-Oct-11 13:38:00

I am exclusively breast feeding my 5 week old.

the first week was pretty painful with sore nipple, painful let down, general breast pain etc etc but that seemed sorted by about 10 days old

Im now 5 weeks in and my breasts randomly get very painful (NOT nipples, and not when she's feeding) sometimes its enough to take my breath away and have to breath through it, but it normally lasts only 5mins ish or less. Not nice at the time though. It seems random, not before or after feeding, 1 or both breasts, not always the breast she last fed on
I dont take anything for this pain, which i now get 3 - 4 times per 24 hours

I think these past few days its been getting worse

I have loads and loads of milk. I express once in the morning (about 2oz) and by the end of the day with what i drip in breast shells added to this i have about 4- 5oz of milk (sometimes more than a small bottle full) and i donate the excess to SCBU

but anyway is it normal for breasts to hurt this far into feeding?

organiccarrotcake Wed 19-Oct-11 13:53:14

Nanny, there could be a few reasons - possibly ducts getting blocked, maybe, possibly ductal thrush. I would suggest a trip to the GP to get them to see what they think.

Regarding the milk donation (aren't you wonderful! smile ) they don't like to take drip milk (from shells) as it's low in fat and unsuitable for preemies who need high fat milk. Expressed milk is perfect. You could freeze the drip milk and it will last for 6 months so you could use it as milk to mix with solids when you start weaning her, or spare milk for a bottle if you need to leave her with one.

Did you know you are entitled to free membership of the UK Association of Milk Banking as a donor?

Print it out, mark number 5 - individual donor and write the name of your donor bank next to it, and post it back without the £15 (although paid members are always very, very welcome!!!).

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