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dropping centiles + anxiety

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nectarina Tue 18-Oct-11 22:40:09

I need some reassurance as to whats going on -
I ebf'ed by dd until 24 weeks when I started to introduce solids - I'd wanted to wait until 6 months, but dd was feeding so frequently, and appeared to be totally unsatisfied after feeds (she'd moan 5 min into the first breast, then 5min into the second and then complain when I take her off). But as far as I've read, adding food should be started so slowly that its not going to make any difference in calorie intake - also i'm starting on veg, surely this is lower calorie than milk anyhow.
So she's gaining weight still, although she's dropped from 50 to 25 centile - the paediatrician didn't say this was a problem, although she was surprised when I said that I fed at least 8 times a day.
I'm just finding feeding so tiring, and feel frustrated that its not satisfying her the way I'd like it to. So where do I go from here? If i carry on feeding her will she just want more and more? Am I looking at feeding her this amount until she's one? I wfh full time and look after dd full time too (with dh too) and its all getting a bit much. She feeds so much that it makes me sore sometimes.
I bought a tin of formula just in case I'm not around and it smells of chicken soup - how gross. However I'm thinking of maybe giving her a bottle a day. I've been adding it to her purees too - is this a good idea? I feel such a wally doubting everything I do.

LovePotatoes Wed 19-Oct-11 00:49:28

Hello Nectarina, you have been doing really well to continue to breast feed your baby. Hopefully, once she is eating regular meals eventually she will automatically drop the frequency of the breast feeds. Breast milk will have way more calories than the veg. The two veg that will have more calories than breast milk are bananas and advocado.
If your baby is teething she will feed more regularly. My daughter who is now 15months definitely does. She is still breast fed, has milk feeds at least 4 times a day when Im home and only twice on a work day. (we are still doing night feeds at least once thr' the night). By one she was eating much better and reducing on breast feeds. It will get better.
If she is teething, she could be breast feeding for pain relief. You could try some teething gel through the day, esp. before solids.
Using formula for purees is okay if she accepts the taste. Once she is 6months you can use cows milk in her purees and to cook with instead. If you do not feel comfortable giving her formula to drink in a bottle then don't do it. Follow your instinct.
i hope this is helpful for you.

lilham Wed 19-Oct-11 02:43:24

nectarina is the moaning really means she's not satisfied? Or is it a confidence issue? My DD no longer came off the breast with the drunken sleepy look, but I feel confident she is happy with my breastmilk. Fwiw, I start weaning my DD at 24wk. She's now 29wk and I chec my app and she fed 9 times in the last 24 hours plus 3 meals. I don't feel it's that bad given all the feeds are less than 10min so it's less than 1.5hr in the day.

Go with the formula and solids if it make you feel better. But try and see if you are feeling the blues first. Taking care of a newborn is hard work.

PS. I'm up at this ungodly hour nit because I just fed DD. She screamed and screamed. I went to check her and she was fast asleep. She is now all quiet again, but got me wide awake.sad DH fast asleep through all this! Motherhood is hardwork!

nectarina Wed 19-Oct-11 10:44:25

Yes lilham, the worst is the insomnia - when baby sleeps peacefully and you're just lying wide awake.
I think I do have a touch of the blues - and everything ends up all linked up in my head; being tired or stressed, and then confused because it all seems so vague what you're meant to do.
I think I don't have a lot of milk though - enough for her to thrive, but not enough that sometimes she wants more than I can give her. So its not a case of things being dire, just not as satisfying as I'd like it to be. And if it wasn't for the pain, I wouldn't mind feeding so often. Its the pain that I used to get when she was feeing constantly in the evenings - and I only get it when she's feeding a lot.
Its just good to know it will get better and not be like this until she's 1 year old.
thanks for your replies

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