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Night feeding a 16 week old

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LittleWaveyLines Mon 17-Oct-11 09:57:02

So a few weeks ago she was feeding 4 hourly during the day, and 2 to 1 hourly at night. confused

I have now got her back to 2 or 3 hourly during the day, but night is still a problem. She generally has bath and bed with feed at 7 - 7.30.
Asleep by 8ish,
feeds again 9 ish,
then 12 ish,
2 ish,
4 ish
5 ish (sometimes skips this one)
6ish then up at 7, and feeds again.

She then wont take a proper feed till about 10am, sonetimes 11.
From then till bedtime it's back to 2 - 3 hourly.

This is not enough sleep for me as she is so slow to feed at night - takes about 30mins and takes both sides. She is crap at feeding lying down and just gets angry and frustrated. We sort of cosleep with a bedside cot.

PLEASE help me! Is there any way I can get her to drop to 4 hourly at night? I know she can do it as she sometimes goes that long in the day! I've tried refusing a feed and cuddling instead, but she just wakes up about every 20mins then...

Mampig Mon 17-Oct-11 12:27:52

Sounds like 4 month growth spurt to me! There's an active thread here now- a few of us are trying to help each other through it grin - mainly having a good old groan! But helps to know you're not alone!! You are welcome to join us if you wish but we're all in same boat with no real advice iykwim? Maybe see you there!!

LittleWaveyLines Mon 17-Oct-11 14:14:19

Ooh I had been reading your thread, but hadn't connected it to my situation... (Doh)

Isn't it a bit early for the 4 month regression? I thought that happened at 19 weeks...?

Mampig Mon 17-Oct-11 14:49:26

Not a clue!! My ds only 15 weeks and I'm hoping that's what it is- otherwise I'm flumped!!

LittleWaveyLines Mon 17-Oct-11 14:54:21

... also my DD has never slept well - so is not "regressing" IYSWIM... Never had 3 or 4 hourly more than once in a night - always hourly or 2 hourly...

Mampig Mon 17-Oct-11 15:05:12

I thought the growth spurt was separate to sleep regression?? That you wouldn't necessarily get both? Fwiw my ds has never slept longer than 3 hrs day or night, just that his feeds are now more frequent and a lot fussier esp during the night. Could be the teething issue though...

LittleWaveyLines Mon 17-Oct-11 15:23:57

Oh was I confusing 2 things? blush

Well she cluster fed for the first time in ages last night so growth spurt is feasible!

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