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Need some help for a friend please

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HairyBeaver Mon 17-Oct-11 07:56:23

Hi my friends little girl is 3 months old ans mums worried about her feeds.

Shes just been diagnoised with a dairy allergy and was moved from SMA gold to SMA wysoya. She's only taking 6oz bottles 4/5 times a day, sometimes only 4 when she drops her last feed at night.

I've said that if she's gaining weight then to just let baby tell you when she wants feeding.

Just looking for peace of mind as she worries a lot about baby


Canuckistanishome Mon 17-Oct-11 08:13:12

Absolutely - is the baby thriving? Is she happy (or at least as happy as usual)? Are the nappies wet and soiled?

If she is still worried is there a well-baby clinic where she can take the baby to be weighed every week for a few weeks, and chat to a HV? That might set her mind at ease.

HairyBeaver Mon 17-Oct-11 08:23:39

Thank you thats what I told her, have also just texted over your reply.

Glad im past the baby stage with mine, i remember all that worry grin

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