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am i creating a 'super boob' through favoured expressing?

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thewaffler Sun 16-Oct-11 11:11:54

Ds is 6 weeks old and I've started to express so that dh can do a feed before bed, so I can go out eventually for some drinks and also am starting to stockpile in preparation for return to work in 7 months. I did this with dd and it worked well and she never had a problem moving to the bottle. I express in the middle of the night, ds only feeds from one side, so express from the other, if dh feeding him, will express at the same time.

My problem (or not, am not sure if it is hence post wink) is the amount I can express - if its middle of the night can get 5/6 oz very quickly from right boob, before it slows down to slow drips, on the left side at the same time of night, can only manage a couple of oz. I don't express during day as don't get anywhere near this amount. Given that have to go downstairs to do this to keep noise down, and its 4ish in the morning, I'm favouring the fast flow right boob as wanting to get back to bed pronto. Am I at risk of creating a 'super boob' at the expense of the left one? Should I be doing it equally, or because ds feeding from left before I express, is it ok?

Also discovering that ds is a lot more hungry than dd, she would only have 2-3 oz at a feed whereas he can have up to 5, is this too much for his age?

Canuckistanishome Mon 17-Oct-11 08:08:16

First, to answer your second question - it is not a problem for different kids to eat different amounts, as this will vary by weight, metabolism and activity level as well as mood, etc.

As for expressing and feeding from different sides, I would expect that yes, they will get uneven, but I am not sure from your post. Why does the baby only feed from one side, is that all he needs? Are you expressing from the other side from where the baby last fed? If so, you're probably ok, but getting the last couple of oz from the second side at least some of the time wouldn't hurt.

thewaffler Mon 17-Oct-11 08:33:59

Canuckistanishome, thanks for replying. He'll feed from both sides during the day, but has a shorter feed at night before passing out, so usually only does one side, hence will express from the side he didn't feed from, is if he's more hungry and does have both, he doesn't have much from the second side and will still express from that side if that makes sense?

Canuckistanishome Mon 17-Oct-11 12:40:10

Gotcha. Then I would definitely say express from both whenever you can, as dull and tiring as it is. It doesn't take much difference in size to be noticeable, as I discovered to my chagrin with ds1. Skipping it occasionally won't be a problem, but every night might. Sorry sad

What might help is alternating the side that he's on, that doesn't get expressed, if that makes sense - so that one night it is your left, the next night your right. Not sure if that will work with the rest of the feeds, but making sure things average out in general will help. It is just hard to track with no sleep.

thewaffler Mon 17-Oct-11 23:34:29

Thanks for replying again, think will just have to bite the bullet and accept that some nights if using my left side will not get as much, hey ho, am pleased i now have posh new phone so can browse internet during night feeds, much more interesting!

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