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Need support/advice re problems bfing 6 weeks in

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PrincessScrumpy Sat 15-Oct-11 21:40:36

I have bf dtds for 6.5 weeks with two bottles (one of formula and one of expressed milk) through the night so dh can help and I can keep sane. We started this at 3 weeks when I was struggling with thrush pain.

This week I've had mastitis, which has calmed with expressing, but now everything has changed in the last 2 days. My boobs feel less full and dtds are feeding a lot longer and just don't seem settled after. I'm ill with a cold but dh let me have a lay in this morning, I expected to be engorged but no. I usually express mid morning and get between 100 and 150mls but today I didn't even get 50mls and yesterday I just about got 50. dtds are also starting to go for longer between feeds 4-5 hours (sometimes not regularly, and not at the same time so I feed one every 3 hours then have to feed the other when she wakes - tried waking her but she wouldn't latch as she wasn't hungry)

I'm trying to rest (but also have dd1 - 3) and drink lots, but on top of me feeling like I don't have much milk, dtds aren't latching well, they've got lazy as despite being prem, they were ok at it (not brilliant like dd was but after a few attempts they would latch well enough), but now my nipples hurt.

Basically it's all going wrong and I'm tired and emotional, feel like heading for formula but worried I'll regret it in a couple of weeks.

organiccarrotcake Sat 15-Oct-11 22:45:10

It is absolutely normal for your boobs to be not feeling full at around this sort of age. Your supply is settling down to suit the needs of your babies, rather than more randomly making loads and loads "just in case". It can be worrying, but it is normal. It also ties in with a growth spurt which often occurs around 6 weeks or so and babies can be feeding loads, unsettled and apparently not getting full - but actually they are just setting your milk supply and growing really fast.

I'm not surprised that you're tired and emotional. You have had a bad time with mastitis and thrush, on top of, no doubt, the stress involved with having babies early. How formula may or may not change this isn't something that anyone can work out other than you and your husband, but you seem very commited to breastfeeding, which is wonderful, so perhaps just a bit of confidence to get through the next couple of weeks is what you need smile

If your nipples are hurting, and you're recognising that the latch isn't so good, the answer is to work on improving the latch smile This is something that many babies go through as they grow and is quite normal. If you can get out to a breastfeeding group it may be useful to have someone to check it for you, maybe give a few tips?

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