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Ending breastfeeding/co-sleeping

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hanbee Fri 14-Oct-11 21:48:34

Loving bf and cosleeping with my 12m DS2 but having a very major op in a months time after which I will be in hospital for up to 10 days. After I will have a large abdominal wound and may be facing chemo. I really don't want too but think I'm going to have to wean. Does anyone have any advice. Obviously I'm gutted about my health but almost as gutted that it has robbed me of this special closeness. I just don't want DS2 to be too upset by it anymore than possible. Any ideas of what I can do in the next few weeks to make it a gentler transition?

Thanks all x

organiccarrotcake Fri 14-Oct-11 21:56:11

I'm so sorry to hear your news, hanbee sad It might be hard for you and bub to go through the weaning, but you'll never lose that amazing year that you've had together; that will always be a part of your relationship.

Chemo is likely to mean you'll need to wean (although it's worth checking with the breastfeeding network drugs line just in case there's anything you can do). Will you know about the chemo before the surgery? Will you need to/want to wean irrespective of whether you need the chemo or not? This will make a difference really to how you plan this.

tallulah Fri 14-Oct-11 22:09:37

My DD was a lot older than your DS but I had to have surgery in March. I did warn her (which obviously you can't) and by the time I got back to her the milk had dried up. She was quite determined though and asked to feed, and after a few days happily told me it was back.

She had an extra 3 months in the end before I had to start chemo, and I continued to BF her right up to the day the chemo started.

Like you I think I was more upset by the enforced weaning than my health problems. Will your chemo be immediate or do you have a bit of a reprieve?

hanbee Sat 15-Oct-11 15:52:39

Chemo isn't a definite and hopefully I will find my tumour is benign. All the same I worry about how DH will cope with DS2 who is used to feeding on demand. Do you think DS2 will be ok whilst I'm away if I feed up till going into hospital? I'm likely to have some of my small intestine removed so am a bit worried that feeding will be painful if I restart on getting home.

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